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essence my must haves
I'm obsessed with the Essence Satin Touch blushes, so when I saw their new customizeable My Must Haves Palettes, I couldn't wait to create my own and fill it with blushes (they also have eyeshadows, bronzers, and highlighters as well as an 8-pan palette!)

The 4-pan palette is $3.49 and each pressed powder is $1.99, which made this palette $11.45...definitely more expensive than the average Essence palette but when you consider the fact that you get to choose your own shades, it's not too bad at all. The pans aren't magnetic (they're plastic) but they snap securely into the palette.

I added three blushes and a highlighter and I'm happy to report that these blushes feel very similar to the Satin Touch formula...they're very soft, easy to pick up, and nicely pigmented (but not overly so). The highlighter is super subtle (similar to their Pure Nude formula, only lighter) gives a really pretty lit from within glow but doesn't look like you're wearing a highlight. 
essence my must haves swatches

If you like the idea of custom palettes, this is an affordable option you may want to consider!

Available now at EssenceCosmetics (online only).

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  1. VERY nice! What did you think of the Essence eye shadows in a build-your-own palette? Better, worse, or about the same as Coastal Scents? Thanks very much.


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