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anastasia beverly hills soft glam palette
Photo: @norvina on Instagram

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette was leaked on Instagram today, forcing @norvina to post official photos earlier than she wanted to.

In her Instagram caption, she wrote about her inspiration for creating the palette:

"Soft Glam was leaked, like everything else we launch nowadays. 
Here she is 😍😩 so proud of this palette. I wanted to create a neutral palette that is a go-to for anyone, transitions beautifully from day to night, and is a dream for MUA’s with a bridal clientele.

I made this palette for my mom @anastasiabeverlyhills 
She is a neutrals 👑 and likes what she likes. I’ve been staring at the same hues of shadows in her makeup drawers since I was little. 
In truth it’s not just for her, it’s for everyone that loves this color story & wants shadows that melt on your skin and are packed with pigment. 
I created 7 new shades, used 3 from MR (Modern Renaissance) & incorporated my moms favorite ABH single shades which happen to be nudes Sienna & Orange Soda. 
There’s also Noir, because some of my favorite bridal makeup is a cat eye using mostly shadow that some of my favorite MUA’s create 
My philosophy on using existing single shades of those that are in a palette is this; if I can create a brand new shadow that isn’t in the line wonderful, however if some of the shades that work within the configuration are close enough to be an existing shadow, I’m not naming the new one something else and making you purchase a shadow that you can’t find as a single should you hit pan. Fair is fair & beloved shadows especially neutrals don’t exactly go out of style. 
I have so much campaign stuff to show you late February, but for now, here she is 

I just uploaded swatches on my story. They’re rushed & done while upset so don’t judge the sloppiness

anastasia beverly hills soft glam swatches
Photos: @norvina on Instagram

To me, this is like the more neutral "sister" to the Modern Renaissance palette. It has three of the same shades (Tempera, Burnt Orange, & Cypress Umber) but none of the brighter reds and oranges that neutral lovers shy away from. It looks super wearable and I'm excited for it! :) 

What about you guys? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Modern Renaissance palette at the end of 2017 when Ulta offered 20%deal on it. As soon as I saw the picture and swatches of the Soft Glam palette, I immediately began to regret my Modern Renaissance purchase. I should’ve waited just a tad longer and purchased the Soft Glam. However, I’m probably gonna pass this new palette because if I look through my existing eyeshadow (palette) collection, I can dupe 90% of this palette, which will not be smart consumerism on my part. While I love Soft Glam, I think Modern Renaissance was a smarter buy since my collection was missing the reds, pinks and oranges.
    Marina D

    1. Hi Marina, that's very true! I was thinking this looked quite a bit like the Colourpop I think I Love You and Double Entendre but I won't know for sure until I can swatch them side-by-side. I'm sure I have a palette somewhere that dupes this but if it has that Modern Ren formula (not Subculture) I'll find it hard to resist this!

  2. But was this palette really leaked? lol

    1. I think it was! Someone sent me an Instagram story from a store in Sweden called Kicks which is a huge beauty store over there (like Sephora is here I guess) and they showed it in their story. Then a little while later I saw that Trendmood and many other makeup news accounts were posting screen grabs of it and then a short time later they took them down. As it turns out, ABH asked them to take the posts down because they wanted to be the ones to show the new palette first and Norvina seemed quite upset about it.

    2. Oh wow that sucks. I'm sure it wasn't intentional


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