Profusion Cosmetics Coming to Target + Unboxing!


You might be familiar with Profusion Cosmetics if you've ever seen their Holiday sets in Walgreens around this time of year and also in discount stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, Burlington, Five Below, etc. I've reviewed several of their products over the years but I was never really able to point you guys to a specific store because the stock is always different depending on where you live. 

But not anymore! Profusion is coming to Target and will be in all stores by November 5th! Not only that, but they've totally revamped their line for Holiday 2017 and have all new products with new formulas...yet they're still at a super affordable price point. 

The Holiday 2017 collection is available now on their website (use code beauddiction to save 20% off) but it'll be at on October 13 and in-store November 5.

They sent me some of their new products to try ahead of the launch and I filmed an unboxing for my YouTube channel (I linked it at the end of this post if you'd like to check it out!). 

Also, here are some swatches of a few products I've tried so far and posted on Instagram: 

This palette has six blushes and three bronzers, plus a flat brush. Four of the blushes are matte and two have a little shimmer but nothing too crazy...they're very subtle and didn't accentuate texture on my skin. There's a shimmery bronzer that's very shiny (almost like a highlighter), plus a light matte bronzer and medium matte bronzer. 
The brush is super soft and actually works pretty well to apply the product. Also, the powders are very velvety, pigmented, and scented like coconut which was a nice surprise (you guys know how much I love coconut!). 
The packaging is definitely a step-up from their old's heavy and more substantial. Also, you'll see in my video below that these palettes are quite large so even though the pans look skinny, you can still get a brush into them, no problem. 

Strobe & Glow Artistry Palette ($10)-

Just like the blush & bronze above, this has 9 shades plus a brush, but these are all highlighters. The finishes vary from a subtle glow to all-out crazy intense. The first shade, Fairy Dust even has a blue and white duo-chrome effect. They all have a very creamy, buttery feel with hardly any fallout. I also love that I can actually use a lot of these shades even though I'm fair-skinned!

Sultry Artistry Palette ($10)-

This palette has 24 shades in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes. I was pretty impressed with the quality overall (at least in my initial impression...I haven't used it much yet). The shimmer shades are creamy and buttery with almost no fallout (kind of like the City Color Shimmer Shadows or the Kat Von D Metal Crush), while the most of the mattes are velvety soft and highly pigmented. There were a few matte shades that felt dry and powdery (particularly the black shade) and one shimmery bluish-white shade (Ella in the top row) was a dud (it wouldn't pick up with my finger or a brush and only swatched glitter without much color). But the majority of the shades are fantastic...especially for this price! If you check out my video below you'll see me swatch a few of the shades in real-time.

Overall, I'm really excited that Profusion is coming to Target! The new line seems promising so far and I can't wait to try out more of the products I got.

What are your thoughts? :)

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