Lorac LA Palette Swatches

lorac LA Palette swatches
Lorac just released five new Los Angeles-inspired palettes this week ($24 each at Ulta Beauty), which I shared with you in another post, but now I have swatches! Lorac posted them to their Instagram page and I'm kind of wishing I didn't see them because now I want almost all of these palettes! 

lorac venice beach palette swatches
lorac santa monica palette swatches
lorac malibu palette swatches
lorac beverly hills palette swatches
lorac downtown la palette swatches

Have you ordered any of these yet? I'm limiting myself to two but I have no idea which ones to get! Decisions, decisions! 

Available now at Ulta.com

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  1. When you posted about these the other day I was pretty sure I didn't want any of them. Now that I'm seeing the swatches I want all but the Beverly Hills one! You're killing me Jen!

  2. Venice Beach looks amazing.

    1. Agreed! It looks even prettier when swatched! :)

  3. I saw these in my store the other day, and swatched them all--Venice was the one I wanted from the get go, so I was so excited it swatched as well as it did. DTLA sucked so hard and that was the other one I was going to get bec the blush and that aubergine were really pretty ...but god it was horrible in person. No payoff. Malibu ended up being even nicer than I thought it would be. The rosey shadow is actually a nice blush shade...so I might grab Venice and Malibu and make those travel palettes in place of that awesome Persona palettes since I need to pare down. I have been debating depotting them in fact and putting them into the large MUFE metallic one that they just put out for the blushes. It's awesome.

  4. All of these are $12 at Ulta right now FYI. I bought Downtown LA and love it because I am a matte eyeshadow fan.

  5. Bought DTLA for 12$ at ULTA. Pigmentation is really good. Love it


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