Lorac Beauty and the Beast Lip Gloss Collection Review & Swatches

The Lorac Beauty and the Beast Lip Gloss Collection ($34 at Kohls) is gracing my vanity at the moment and putting all of my other lip products to shame with its beautiful packaging. From the shiny gold caps to the golden roses and vines along the tube, these are just so pretty to look at! 
Included in the collection are five lip glosses, in mostly nude shades with a single pop of red. 

Formula-wise, these are Lorac's Mod Lip Glosses, and not the highly-pigmented Alter Ego Glosses (which is what I initially thought they were). Compared to Alter Ego, the Mod formula is a lot sheerer with a very shiny finish and an almost gel-like consistency. They have a slight vanilla scent to them, which I happen to love, but wanted to mention in case fragrance bothers you. 

On my paler lips, I thought the colors showed up well, despite being sheer. However, if you have darker, more pigmented lips, they might not show up as well.

True Beauty is the lightest shade and is slightly lighter than my natural lip color.

Belle-ieve is one of my favorite shades in the collection...it's a gorgeous pinky brown that's perfect for every day. 

Savoir Faire is actually very similar to Belle-ieve, just slightly more pink and a touch deeper.
Tres Chic is a pinky-brown shade that's the deepest of the neutral shades in the collection.
Red Rose is a true rose shade...a pop of reddish pink.

Wear time on these is pretty short, they tend to wear off in an hour or two on me, faster if I'm eating or drinking, so if you don't like to reapply often, you're probably not going to like these.  To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't go with the Alter Ego formula on these, which is more pigmented and longer-lasting.

Despite their downsides, the shades of these lip glosses are really pretty and they're what I would have chosen if I had the opportunity to put together a collection. You're getting mostly every day, easy-to-wear shades with a deeper red for every once in a while or special occasions.  It's also a great value for 5 lip glosses because they work out to only $6.80 a piece.

Have you tried the Lorac Beauty and the Beast Lip Gloss Collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Available now at Kohls.com and Kohls stores.

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