Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Volume III Review

tarte rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette volume III review
I recently picked up the new Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Highlighting Eyeshadow Palette Volume III at Sephora during the VIB Rouge fall preview and I couldn't wait to share my review and swatches with you guys!

I was a big fan of the original Rainforest palette because of the beautiful yet travel-friendly packaging, the creamy powder formula, and the warm bronzy neutral shades. I skipped Volume II because the shades were mostly dark, smoky shades but Volume III drew me back in with its pretty summery neutrals.

tarte rainforest of the sea volume III
The packaging is stunning...I like it even more than the original because the background is my absolute favorite color blue, and I love the gold accents with it. Inside, there are seven shimmery metallic shades and one matte transition shade that can be used with any of the colors in this palette. 
tarte rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette volume III
The formula feels very similar to the original...it's a powder but feels like a cream. The only difference is that these are metallic so they have quite a bit of fallout with some chunkier glitter pieces in the formula. In the description on the Sephora website, it suggests applying these with your finger and I would completely agree with that. Picking these up with a brush is difficult and they don't apply well to your lids , leaving lots of glittery fallout. However, if you really want to use a brush, spray a little setting spray on it first and get it damp...then these go on beautifully intense, like liquid metal.

You can also use your finger, like I did for these swatches:
tarte rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette volume III swatches

So how does volume III compare to Volume I? Just looking at the palettes side-by-side, you can see that volume I has a slightly deeper color scheme and more matte shades. The shimmer shades also don't look as glittery in the pan as they do in Volume III.
tarte rainforest of the sea volume i and iii comparison
Swatching Volume I was so much fun because I haven't taken it out since last summer and I forgot how much I loved it! I definitely plan to add it back into my rotation...the shades go on so smoothly and will create some really pretty summery looks. Volume III will also create some really gorgeous looks that will highlight and brighten my eyes. Both have extremely easy-to-wear neutral shades...it's really just the finishes that make them different.

tarte rainforest of the sea volume i and iii swatches

Overall, if you're a fan of shiny, shimmery eye looks I would definitely recommend the new Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume III palette...as long as you're willing to work with the formula a little bit. I actually decided to buy this instead of the new Jouer Skinny Dip palette which had very similar shades (but only 5 of them and it costs $40).

What are your thoughts? Did you purchase this palette or are you passing on it?

Available now at Sephora.com


  1. But, but I'm supposed to be on a no buy this month. Eek! Thank you for the swatches and comparison. I know I'm going to cave and get this but maybe I'll pretend to resist for a bit. 😃

  2. I just bought it, couldn't resist! I plan to wear the colors individually as an all-over lid shade. I like to go less complicated in the summer but these look like they pack a nice punch so even one shade will look so pretty.

  3. WOW! This is beautiful!! Thank you for the swatches!! Your reviews are always so helpful and I've caved and bought so many things because of your reviews! I also have volume I but skipped II and now I think I need III... the side by side swatches comparing I vs III was super super helpful! Thanks again!

  4. Suuuuper pretty!! I need this, is it available to everyone now or just rouge still?

  5. Rainforest by the Sea V. III looks gorgeous. It reminds me of the shimmer bricks I purchased from the body shop a few years back. Those shimmer bricks are the best eyeshadows from the body shop

  6. I have I and II so of course I'm going to get this one at some point lol.

  7. Thanks so much for the review and swatches! love the shades, the packaging (absolutely breathtaking), and I have Volume 11, so I know I'd love the formula. I just wish they would have made the deepest shade a matte or replaced one of the coppery shades with a warm, deep matte brown.


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