New Lique Lip Mask at Kohls + First Impression

I was at Kohls this week and stumbled upon a new display of lip products from the brand Lique (pronounced "lick"). They had cream lipsticks, tinted balms, matte and metallic liquid lipsticks, lip primer and lip scrub but what really caught my eye were the Lique Lip Masks ($12). The tubes looked almost exactly like the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Masks ($26) so I wondered if they could be a dupe!

The Lique Lip Masks come in three colors...Beautiful (clear), Wonderful (pinky bronze), and Blushing (berry). Likewise, the Bite Beauty masks come in very similar colors.
The Lique Lip Mask isn't quite as thick as the Bite Beauty Mask and it comes out of the tube very easily, where with the Bite Mask I have to squeeze the tube pretty hard to get the product out. The Bite Mask has a very thick, buttery feel on the lips, while the Lique Mask feels a bit more slippery (more like a Vaseline texture only a little thicker), so I would definitely prefer wearing the Lique mask during the daytime. They both have the exact same vanilla cupcakes which is awesome.

When it comes to ingredients, the two formulas are vastly different. The Bite Beauty Mask's first ingredient is medical-grade lanolin, followed by Shea Butter, Agave Nectar, and lots of plant and fruit extracts. The Lique Mask also contains Lanolin, but it's dead last on the ingredient list. Mineral Oil is the first ingredient (which is why it feels more like Vaseline), followed by Ethylhexyl Palmitate (dervived from Palm Oil as a natural alternative to silicone).

So basically the difference in cost partly boils down to Bite Beauty using more expensive, all-natural ingredients, while the Lique Mask uses petroleum-based Mineral Oil as its primary ingredient. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing...Mineral Oil gets a bad rap for clogging pores in skincare but it's perfectly safe and very effective in lip products.

I purchased the shade Wonderful, which is a really beautiful pinky-brown nude with a hint of shimmer and it looks gorgeous on my lips (and feels nice too...very emollient and not sticky at all). It's the perfect color to compliment a bronzy summer makeup look.

Overall, I'm really loving the Lique Lip Mask so feels very emollient on my lips and the thinner texture allows me to wear it during the day. Also, the shade "Wonderful" is really pretty. I'm not sure that I want to replace my Bite Beauty Agave Mask at night though, because I do feel like that moisturizes a bit better (and stays on my lips longer due to the thicker texture). Also, if you prefer a more natural formula, Bite Beauty is the way to go. Still, this is a really nice, affordable lip mask that definitely does the job better than your typical tinted balm, so I wouldn't hesitate to give this a try!

Available now at Kohls.

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  1. I will definitely try Lique lip mask. I have never purchased bite products (mainly because of the cost) but if you say Lique is a good product I will give it ago.


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