Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Review & Swatches

I recently picked up the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Palette at Ulta and I have to's been a surprisingly versatile hidden gem! I purchased the original Golden Sugar palette online back in 2015 from their UK site and I really enjoyed it, so when I saw this newer version at Ulta I just couldn't resist...especially since it was only $10!

Let's take a look...

Golden Sugar 2 comes in a sleek black compact that feels very solid and not cheap at all (Makeup Revolution does a great job with their packaging, especially for the price). Inside, there's a full-sized mirror and 8 large pans of blush, bronzer, and highlighter. It's interesting that they call this a "blush palette"...I would probably call it a "face palette" considering there aren't that many shades in here that can actually be used for blush.
Makeup Revolution does make palettes that just contain blush, but (funny enough) they call those "Ultra Blush & Contour Palette" even though there aren't any contour shades in them. (I did a full review of those last year...see that post here).
Just looking at the palette, only one shade looks like a blush (that pink shade on the bottom row) while the rest look like highlighters or bronzers. As it turns out, the two matte shades on the end can work as bronzers or blush...the top one has a rosy tone to it while the bottom one is a really pretty nude shade.
But what makes this palette really versatile is that these shades can be used for eyeshadows as well! Your typical blush palette doesn't normally have enough variation of shades to be used on the eyes but this one gives you two matte transition/crease colors and several gorgeous shimmers in rose gold, champagne, yellow gold, bronze, and pink.

The formula is super smooth with little to no fallout. Because they're meant to be used on the face, they are more of a buildable formula and they blend beautifully! The shimmer shades aren't chunky or flaky at all and give a really nice sheen without a glittery look.

Because of the shade selection, I feel that this palette would be best suited toward fair to medium skin and may not show up on deeper skin tones.

For reference, here's the Golden Sugar 2 next to my Golden Sugar 1. The original shades run quite a bit lighter than the new one. 
Golden Sugar 1 (left) and Golden Sugar 2 (right)

Overall, the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold is definitely worth picking up for $10. It would make a great travel palette since you can use it on both your eyes and your face, plus the formula is fantastic! 

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  1. Such a gorgeous palette and I love your idea of using it as eyeshadows too. Brilliant!

  2. I love this palette,but for my skin tone the two brown shades at the end does nothing for me. I also love the blush goddess one and think it is better then this one. You can multitask on that one as well.

    1. Yes, Allie, I have the Blush Goddess palette and it's one of the best blush palettes I've ever had -- four blushes and four highlighters, all in sheer but buildable shades, and all very usable, no duds or too-brights or too-darks in the bunch. It's kind of amazing what MR can make for $10!

    2. Okay you I'm going to have to go get the Blush Goddess palette too! :)

  3. I love this palette and the Blush Goddess. I really love the latter because it's a full range of both warm leaning and cool blush toppers.

    1. I mean Blush Queen, not Blush Goddess. If anyone is looking for a range of highlighter and blush toppers in one palette, this is my fave!


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