Lorac Just Dropped an Entire Beauty & The Beast Collection

Lorac Cosmetics just surprised us with a brand new Beauty and the Beast Collection last night to celebrate the release of the live-action movie on Blu-Ray & Digital June 6th. The collection features four items and is available exclusively on LoracCosmetics.com, in very limited quantities.

Let's take a look!

Disney Beauty & The Beast PRO Eyeshadow Palette ($48)
This palette is so beautiful and looks like a story book with a gilded mirror inside. It comes with 16 shades in both matte and shimmer finishes and a double-ended brush.
Disney Beauty & The Beast Cheek Palette ($28)
This pretty palette contains four shades of the Color Source Blushes and Highlighters (which is one of my all-time favorite formulas). The colors are stunning and if I didn't already have the Pirates of the Caribbean one, I would be all over this.
Disney Beauty & The Beast Lipstick Collection ($36)
This set includes five shades of Lorac's MOD cream lipsticks in mostly neutral shades with a pop of red. These shades look so classy and wearable!

Disney Beauty & The Beast Lip Gloss Collection ($34)
This set features five brand new lip gloss shades that coordinate with the lipsticks above.
Overall, I think I definitely prefer this collection to the Pirates one in terms of both shades and packaging, but since I just got those recently, I'll probably pass (sadly). It's taking a lot of restraint though!
What are your thoughts on this collection? Will you be purchasing anything?

Available now at LoracCosmetics.com


  1. I'm with you -- since I purchased the POTC eyeshadow palette, I really can't justify buying this one too. How I wish Lorac had let us know this was coming, though, because these shades are more my style! Still, no regrets buying the POTC one because I love it.

    I've been eyeing the POTC blush/highlighter palette but haven't bought it yet, so I might get this BATB one. Love the colors and there is more blush/less highlighter. Not tempted by the lipstick or lip gloss sets, as a majority of the colors would look muddy on me.

    1. I know, right?! It's always hard to know what's coming down the line, even if you pay attention to sneak peeks, sometimes brands are great at keeping things secret. :)

  2. I passed on the POTC palette for a multitude of reasons, but I purchased the BATB eye shadow palette immediately! The colors are much more to my liking and, although it's hard to judge by stock photos, it looks like it leans cool. Yay! - Christina D.

    1. Hey Christina! They're much more my speed as well. It looks beautiful, enjoy! :)

  3. Tati from YouTube just put a video up on this collection two hours ago. Im going to check it out to see if its worth purchasing

    1. Thank you Amber 88d, I just ran to watch it. Good news/bad news -- I now want the eyeshadow palette! :-O p.s. The lipstick set is sold out already.

    2. thanks for the heads up.. going to watch it now.

    3. Yes!! I saw Tati's video this morning as well. It looks so pretty. I can't believe the lipsticks are already gone! That was fast. :)


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