The Balm Even Steven Foundation Launching Soon!


The Balm Cosmetics will be launching a brand new foundation in June called Even Steven (I just love their product cute!).
I saw this photo on Instagram on @lapetitechicmommy's account and she said that the texture is "soooo fluffy, light, and airy (like a souffle)!" Sounds intruguing!

It's going to be $22 and comes in 8 shades with a natural matte finish:

  • Lighter than light
  • Light
  • Light Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium Dark
  • Dark
  • After Dark
I'll update you guys when I have more information about the launch date, but I can expect we'll be seeing this pop up at Kohls sometime next month!

What are your thoughts? Would you try this one?


  1. Looks a little small for $22 dollars. More like a sample jar but it could be the angle the picture was taken. I'll be patient and wait for a YouTube review

    1. Yes I agree it does look small! Hopefully it's just the photo but I'll definitely check them out in person at Kohls before I order. :)


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