NEW Maybelline Fit Me Blush Review + Swatches

Maybelline fit me blush 2017
Maybelline has revamped their FIT me! blushes with new shades and sleek new packaging for 2017. I haven't seen them out in stores yet (Maybelline usually arrives in June), but I picked up a few shades last week on Amazon to try. I don't have Prime but they arrived in 2 days anyway which was great! On the downside, Amazon threw them into the box with no bubble wrap or any kind of protection, so it's a miracle they didn't shatter (but a few other things I ordered did). So basically, order at your own risk when it comes to Amazon and makeup!

Anyway, you might remember the old FIT me! blushes that were in a rectangular-shaped compact with a domed lid. They had a few shades for each skin tone, such as Light Pink, Medium Nude and Deep Rose. With the new collection, they've done away with labeling them for a certain skin color and gave them all regular shade names like Coral, Nude, Mauve, Buff, etc. 

They now come in square packaging and the ingredient list is different so they appear to have been reformulated as well (they still contain Talc as the main ingredient). I don't think I ever tried the original version, so I can't compare them to these...but I've been wearing them for about a week now and I can give you my thoughts thus far. 
maybelline fit me blush 2017
I ordered four shades that are on the lighter side because I'm light-skinned, but if you have a deeper skin tone, there are darker shades to choose from (there are ten shades total). Overall, I really like several things about this formula:

  • First, they're very silky and easy to pick up with a brush. 
  • Second, they're not overly pigmented...I love a pigmented eyeshadow but there are definitely upsides to blushes that are more buildable. I love dipping my brush in applying it generously to my cheeks and I don't want to feel like I have to be careful to avoid clown cheeks. Also highly pigmented blushes can sometimes get streaky and become hard to blend. I would much rather add a bit more than try to soften it up if it gets overdone. 
  • Third, I love the finish on these...they're not completely matte but they aren't shimmery either. As I get older, shimmery formulas tend to accentuate my pores (even though I love the look of shimmer sometimes). These have a really pretty satin finish that gives a subtle glow but doesn't draw attention to any texture on your skin. 
  • Finally, they have a pretty good wear time...they're not ultra long-lasting (like the Tarte ones for example) but they last a good portion of the day (7 hours or so) before they start to fade on me. A setting spray will help them to last even longer (I love the new Kate Somerville one with SPF 50, but my favorite drugstore option is the Milani Make It Last). 

new maybelline fit me blush swatches 2017

Overall, I'm really pleased with the new Maybelline FIT me! blushes. The formula is really beautiful and wearable and they're a steal at $4.99 each.

Have you tried the new FIT me! blushes yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. These look so pretty, thanks for the swatches! I'm probably even paler than you so these colors look right up my alley, especially Buff. Oh who am I kidding? I'll probably get them all!

    1. Haha I hear ya. They are all really pretty, flattering shades. :)

  2. Nude & Buff looks so good! Hope they'll hit Australia soon!

    Nhi Archibald | Life with Nhi Archibald

  3. Oooo I'm glad they redid these. The old formula was HORRIBLE! I might have to try Buff and Coral!


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