Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Review & Swatches

Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Review
Maybelline recently launched a new line of lip glosses called Vivid Hot Laquer on and (arriving in drugstores soon) and they're supposed to be a high-coverage, glossy finish that doesn't feather or migrate. Naturally I had to try them out, since I like lip glosses but hate the shorter wear-time.

They're $6.64 each and come in 12 shades ranging from nudes and pinks to deep berries, reds, and purples. I ended up choosing two very safe shades that I figured I would probably wear often but it's so hard to tell by looking at them online.

Too Cute is a classic pink shade and Unreal is more brown-based with a rosy tone. As you can see by my swatches (one swipe) these are very pigmented for lip glosses and give full coverage in one swipe. They also go on very shiny and have a really nice vanilla scent, which I much prefer to a perfume-type fragrance.

Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Swatches
When I first applied them, they felt thick but also very smooth and buttery with lots of shine. Then after a little while, they started to feel a bit sticky and my natural instinct was to keep pressing my lips together to see if the gloss would smooth out again. Doing that seemed to take some of the shine away and they remained feeling tacky. For me, it was a little uncomfortable (I hate sticky glosses) but on the positive side, they are very long-lasting for a lip gloss. I wore these through eating a meal each time and the pigmentation stayed put (although the shine was mostly gone). 

In my past experience, the more long-wearing the gloss, the stickier it feels. It's definitely a trade-off and depends on your personal preference. 

Here I'm wearing Too Cute...
Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Too Cute

...and here's Unreal, which is my favorite of the two.
Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Unreal

Overall, if you're looking for a full-coverage, long wearing lip gloss, you'll really love the new Maybelline Vivid Hot long as you don't mind a bit of a tacky feel after you've worn them for a little while.

What about you? Have you tried the new Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquers? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Available at  and (and soon to be in drugstores).


  1. I also hate sticky glosses so I'll pass on these. Thank you for your always honest reviews, you're my favorite beauty blogger!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Nadia! Glad I could help. :)

  2. Yes, you're the best beauty blogger out there and there aren't many of them left doing reviews. Thank you for getting this up so quickly, I've been wondering about these. I might get Unreal because it looks beautiful on you and I don't mind a sticky gloss, especially if it's long lasting.

    1. Thank you, and you're very welcome Holly! If you don't mind the sticky feeling, you'll love how long-wearing these are for a gloss. :)

  3. Hi Jen! You always manage to look so fresh and pretty, even with minimal makeup on. Some of these YouTubers could learn something from you- do they really wear that much makeup in real life? With you I feel like I'm seeing the way you really look day in and day out and that's very refreshing because that's how I am too. You don't feel the need to put on any "stage makeup" (not that you need it). That being said I do not like sticky glosses so you just saved me some money. Thank you!

    1. That's so sweet of you to say Laurel, thank you! It's kind of funny because I'm a beauty blogger, but I don't wear makeup every day...especially if I'm just going to be at home. I like to give my skin time to breathe. :)

  4. Great review! I found you through Marnie (MsGoldgirl) on YouTube and I've been poking around your site for the last hour reading reviews. It's so nice to see more over-30 beauty bloggers doing reviews because everything is so youth-focused nowadays (I'm 35 and not really into rainbows and unicorns anymore). Have you been around long? I had never heard of your blog before but it seems like you've been doing this a while. Anyway, your site is fantastic and I have it bookmarked. :)


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