L'oreal Pure Clay Cleansers Spotted at Walgreens

loreal pure clay cleansers
L'oreal has just launched a new line of Pure-Clay Cleansers and I spotted them at Walgreens yesterday. They claim to be a "clay-to-mousse" formula and retail for $6.99 each...not a bad price for a 4.4 oz. tube!
 There are three different formulas...

  • Detox and Brighten with 3 pure clays + charcoal
  • Exfoliate & Refine with 3 pure clays + Red Algae
  • Purify & Mattify with 3 pure clays + Eucalyptus
They're also available at Ulta.com if you'd like to read more about them and see the ingredient lists for each type. I ended up buying the Detox & Brighten one to try...I felt like it would be the least drying of the three and even though winter is over, my skin is still on the drier side. 

What are your thoughts? Are you interested in trying these out? 


  1. Need to find these! Thanks for the heads up. :)

  2. Can you please do a review on the Detox & Brighten one? I have dry skin as well with acne marks and would love to know if this would help with brightness without drying out my skin even more.


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