Coming Soon: The Tartelette Toasted Palette

tartelette toasted palette
Tarte just shared a sneak peek on Instagram of their new Tartelette Toasted palette, and they said it will be "coming in hot this fall".

So what I'm wondering is...when they say "Fall" do they mean it's part of the Fall collection (which launched June 13th last year) or that it's actually launching in the Fall? Because we usually start to see the Holiday collections arriving in September so I'm hoping we'll see this before then!

I absolutely LOVE my Tartelette in Bloom's in my top 3 palettes of all time, so I'm really excited for this one. When I look at the Tartelette in Bloom (below),  the new Toasted version seems quite a bit warmer and perfect for Autumn.
What are your thoughts? Are you excited for a brand new addition to the Tartelette family?


  1. It looks like the first and second Tartelette palettes combined. I purchased both so I will pass on this one. However if you do not own either I say go for this one.

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  3. I love my Tartelette in Bloom too! Might be my favorite palette. I am happy to see another release but am unsure right now if I'll be getting it because I feel like I have so many of these colors already... but depending on reviews, I'll probably end up getting it. Will have to wait and see! xo Abby

  4. I didn't even realize that 'Fall' might mean this summer! I hope you're right, cause I LOVE my Tartelette in Bloom, and I know it wouldn't mind a friend! Thanks for the update! xoxo - Zara

  5. I'm really excited for this one! Warm toned shades are my jam :D

  6. I definitely want this one. I don't have the bloom palette. I have the other one that is all matte, I wish I did get the Bloom one, ( and have so many other ones they came out with)but this Toaster one looks great ! Very excited, I hope Fall means Summer ��. This Fall one is deferent from others . I see Taupe, brown grey cool browns. Not the gold yellow & reds orange that is every where. But yes excited ��


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