Beauty Chat: Are You Tired of Beauty Blogs?


I've been getting lots of emails and messages on social media from fellow bloggers and YouTubers lately who feel like their views/comments/interaction is down with their subscribers and I definitely agree...I've experienced it myself. I know it can't be because you guys aren't interested in beauty products anymore (that would be awful!) because I think in general, people will always have an interest in looking their best. But I think the problem might be more of a distaste for where beauty blogs/vlogs have gone in the past couple of years.

When I first started reading blogs and watching beauty videos on YouTube, I did so because I wanted to learn something.

I wanted to find out how to save money on makeup, or other uses for a certain product, see drugstore dupes, or tutorials like how to apply winged eyeliner. But lately it seems to be all about pushing new products, particularly expensive ones and as a blogger, I fully admit to doing this myself.

At one point, I was all about buying every new palette that came was exciting for a while! "I need this so that I can review it on the blog" I'd tell myself, but recently, having all the things has really started to overwhelm me. I've spent most of my blog earnings (which aren't nearly as much as you would think) on new makeup and beauty products to review and half of them are still sitting upstairs, untouched because I haven't had the time to get to them. It's kind of depressing and feels empty and pointless. I'll talk about a product and then hardly bring it up again because it's lost among hundreds of other products.

Not to mention, feeling like I have to talk about something because it's "hot" and "trendy" kind of takes the joy out of it. In the past, I would feel inspired to write about something because I loved it and enjoyed using it, not because it's what everyone is talking about.

That being said, I still love beauty products and am still very much into sharing them with you. But I think it might be time to take a different approach. That's where you come in...I would love to know what you think about these topics. Do you want to see:

  • New product launches
  • Drugstore dupes
  • Ulta/Sephora/Drugstore hauls
  • Anti-Hauls
  • Shopping my stash/revisiting old products
  • YouTube- if I start a channel would you watch? (For now it would probably be informal vlogs, like my Instagram stories, only longer)
  • PR Unboxings
  • Tutorials
  • Decluttering
  • Other topics like lifestyle and fashion
Thank you so much for your input...I really appreciate it! Ultimately, you guys are the ones reading my blog every day so it's important for me to hear your thoughts and feelings and to find out what you'd be interested in reading about! 


  1. Hi Jen! It's so interesting to read your comments because, as much as I still love make up, I'm feeling somewhat less enthusiastic about it. On one hand that's a good thing because I have way too much stuff already, but on the other hand, I realize that part of the fun has been taken away by brands just churning out mediocre products (I'm look at you, TooFaced), and bloggers/vloggers who are supposed to be impartial and informed but are neither since the brands are buying them off (I'm looking at you, Tarte).

    One of the reasons I love your blog is because it comes from your heart: I think you talk about things you really like or dislike in your personal experience and I never get the impression that you are selling something for a sponsor. That said, one of my favorite posts that you have done (and I hope you do again), is your "Favorites" reviews and recommendations. Of course, I like to get alerts about new products and deals, so keep those coming. But when the reviewer is sincere in sharing his or her opinion about a product, I appreciate the honesty and I think you've always done a great job in that mode so keep it up. -- Christina D.

    1. Thank you so much Christina! I really appreciate you always taking the time to comment! I completely agree that part of the problem is the makeup companies churning out too many products and focusing on quantity over quality. Years ago it was much more fun to anticipate the spring launches in January and the fall launches in July and beauty bloggers had to come up with creative ideas for content in between new launches. But now I could literally just sit here every day and write about new products because they're never-ending! Also, there are so many new products to buy and try, we don't always go back to older products. Some are never seen again, haha. :)

  2. Thank you for this post! I completely, 100% agree with you about the constant shilling of new products. Watching YouTube has become so boring lately. It's all 'what's in my LV bag', and 'watch me open 100 PR packages and not say thank you to the brands' or 'buy this during the Sephora sale and click my links!'. Don't even get me started on Like 2 Know It or whatever it's called. I find it very annoying to have to sign up for something just so I can find out what a blogger is wearing. That being said I would love to see you on YouTube. I always enjoy watching your Insta Stories and wish they were longer and had even more content. I'd love to see you swatching products and doing reviews in real time! I also really like your anti-hauls and of course I want to hear about new products but maybe just scaled back a bit. Maybe you could do one post with a bunch of new things all at once that are interesting to you?

    1. Hi Jasmine! Thanks for your input, I feel the same way about a lot of the videos I'm seeing on YouTube. I also refuse to use LiketoKnow.It even though I'm part of the network and I have the ability to use it. I'm not against affiliate links, and I definitely use them myself. If a blogger introduces me to a product, I have no problem with them getting a small commission for it, especially if they've disclosed it. However, I'm not a fan of Like to Know It because it forces your readers to sign up for the service just so they can find out where to buy the product, which can be annoying. So I actually pay for a service called Link in Profile, which allows me to link to all my posts from my Instagram Bio. That way everyone can access my links without having to sign up for something, plus it's just faster! :)

  3. New product launches - yes
    Drugstore dupes - yes
    Ulta/Sephora/Drugstore hauls - yes
    Anti-Hauls - yes
    Shopping my stash/revisiting old products - yes, I would really like this!
    YouTube- if I start a channel would you watch? (For now it would probably be informal vlogs, like my Instagram stories, only longer) - no, I strongly prefer reading to video
    PR Unboxings - no
    Tutorials - yes, swatches are nice but they only go so far in learning how to use a product
    Decluttering - no
    Other topics like lifestyle and fashion - no, I already have sources for this

    1. Thanks so much Becky! I really appreciate all of your input! :)

  4. I really enjoy the blog as is, since it's a good mix between high-end and drugstore makeup, with information about skincare products! I've been loving the anti-haul posts. With all the new products coming out, it's hard to know what's "worth it." I have very oily skin, which is different from your individual concerns, so a guest post from someone who has the same skin type would be cool! After all, you can only write about what you know. My mom has drier skin and hair, so I share your posts with her! That said, even though my skin/hair tends to be more oily than dry, reading your posts about your skin- and hair-type concerns helps me to know what to look for, and what not to look for!

    1. Thanks Quinn, that's a great idea! I've been thinking of doing that somewhere along the line, maybe getting a friend with oily skin to test out products with me, especially skincare and foundations so that I have the opposite perspective. I just need to find someone that's okay with the commitment, as not everyone wants to do beauty blogging on a daily basis. :)

  5. Shop my stash! I have way too many products and need to do the same thing. It's easy to get caught up in the latest and forget what started it all.

    1. I completely agree! It's hard not to get caught up in all the new products. :)

  6. You hit the nail on the head! Maybe it's because I'm a bit older (at least as far as the beauty world is concerned) but I've only ever been interested in following beauty blogs for the reasons that you stated; "I wanted to find out how to save money on makeup, or other uses for a certain product, see drugstore dupes, or tutorials like how to apply winged eyeliner." That describes my interests perfectly. I'm 35 years old and I don't wear a lot of makeup, nor do I have the money to buy all new stuff every season or indulge in whatever is hot and trendy right this second. Sure, I like trying new products every now and then (both because I don't want to get stuck in a rut, and sometimes there are innovative things that come out i.e.; new formulas or whatever) but really, I just want to have nice healthy looking skin that I can enhance with makeup for fun and self esteem. I've been following your blog for a couple of years now precisely because you seem like one of the few out there that actually has the same beauty philosophy as me, and you actually update regularly (so many blogs with similar ideals that I've started following have basically gone dark with no explanation). I'd love to see your blog stay true to what you think beauty should be all about.

    1. That's exactly my view on makeup too Kelsey! I'm not really into experimenting anymore like I did in my 20's...I just want to enhance what I have and look like the best version of myself. Now that I'm 39 I'm more focused on finding ways to make myself look more youthful. Turns out, I wear less foundation now than I did years ago because it can actually age me, and I wear more mascara because longer lashes open up my eyes more. It's funny how things change! :)

  7. You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. I'm so tired of items being uber hyped only to find out they perform poorly. I want to see reviews of things because you love them, not just because they are new. I've pretty much stopped making new purchases and am concentrating on rediscovering what I already own. So I'd love to see you shop your stash and remind us of the awesome things we have sitting around gathering dust! (I've also come to the conclusion that my personal "hit-to-miss" ratio is about the same regardless of the "prestige" level of the brand. If I'm just as likely to hate a $10 product as I do a $50 product, I'll just stick to the lower end of the spectrum so it doesn't hurt as bad!)

    1. Haha so true Kristin! Drugstore makeup has come such a long way that I too am finding just as much great stuff there as I am at Sephora. And I definitely need to start shopping my stash again and give those products some use before they expire! :)

  8. I enjoy your blog, because your reviews are thorough, but not overly long, and not pushy or sales oriented. I also enjoy your IG posts, for quick hits about new things and first impressions and, of course, SWATCHES!

    As to your specific questions on potential content...

    New product launches - yes
    Drugstore dupes - yes
    Ulta/Sephora/Drugstore hauls - no, unless there are product reviews included. I never understood the interest in simply seeing what other people bought.
    Anti-Hauls - they are fun to read, on occasion
    Shopping my stash/revisiting old products - yes
    YouTube- if I start a channel would you watch? (For now it would probably be informal vlogs, like my Instagram stories, only longer) - I would check it out, for sure, but I actually prefer review articles to review videos.
    PR Unboxings - Big NO
    Tutorials - not so much
    Decluttering - no

    Just my two cents on these topics, based on my past observations of the same type of content that is already very common and often duplicative on YouTube. I wish you the best of luck in any new endeavor!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Cheryl! I really appreciate the feedback. I feel very similar to you on most of the bullet points. I'm not the best at tutorials, and I think I would only declutter once a year or so. I also agree that hauls don't make sense unless I can tell you guys my thoughts on the products. For the most part, I try to keep first impressions to Instagram where I can post quickly and save the detailed reviews for my blog, so it's nice to know you like that aspect as well! :)

  9. For the past few years I've been watching YouTube videos like it's my second job, and I find that I'm starting to shut down. I'm simply bored with the content and what often feels like "spectacle." I'm drawn to people who are genuine. I don't need "characters" with vocabularies that make use of the words "Yasss" and "slay." At 37, I want to see myself in beauty videos--I want to identify and have a sense of belonging. I think, Jen, if you were to start doing videos, I would absolutely watch. I appreciate your authentic writing style and think it would translate well to YouTube.

    I don't like PR unboxings at all--they're boring. I'm sure some people enjoy this "behind the scenes" aspect of beauty vlogging, but after watching one or two videos, I think viewers get it. Being a beauty blogger/vlogger = lots of products being sent your way. :)

    I love "makeup capsule collections," a look at those products that are reached for daily because they've been proven winners. Too often I feel like someone will declare an item "a must-have," only to renounce it a week later because it caused breakouts, oxidized, pilled, etc. I like knowing that a beauty product is "holy grail" (or not so great) after there's been a solid trial-run.

    I love decluttering videos. It makes me feel like bloggers/vloggers possess an awareness that there is such a thing as too much. I love it when I see them donate to women's shelters or organizations that help women build the confidence to seek economic independence. (There's always a need for professional clothing and makeup for women to feel polished and ready for job success!)

    I always enjoy videos that include an interview with another person--a makeup artist, best friend, mother, coworker, etc--to see what his or her beauty philosophy/ritual is with a look inside a medicine cabinet or makeup bag.

    I'm never a fan of hauls--I would prefer to fast forward to a "showcase video" of products that have been working from a recent haul. (With swatches included.) This constant viewing of bags and boxes being unloaded with the promise of, "I'll let you know how they work" does nothing for me.

    I imagine this profession can be a challenge--trying to make everyone happy!

    Thanks, Jen, for what you do. I love reading your blog.

    1. Hey Carmen! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't speak like that, haha! Thank you SO much for your awesome feedback. I love your ideas, especially waiting to post hauls until the products have actually been tried and tested. I think sometimes people like to see what someone bought (just from the perspective of being nosy) but you're right that it's not helpful. Why would someone run out and buy something just because someone else did, without knowing if they even liked it first? It makes total sense! :) I also like the idea of interviewing someone else, especially if they're a different age, skin type, or skin tone than I am. It could really help to give a different perspective on products!

  10. The amount of beauty info online is overwhelming. It's difficult for me to know who/what to believe as everything cannot possibly be "awesome". My age probably has something to do with my outlook as I can no longer identify with the young YouTubers.

    That being said, I enjoy your blog and the info you share. I would be interested in drugstore dupes, shopping your stash and tutorials for us everyday gals.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Pat! I agree that the amount of information out there is so overwhelming. I'm sometimes guilty of only posting about the good's not to say that I love everything, because there's plenty that I don't. But it's the good stuff that I'm always excited to share and talk about. But I know there is also a good reason for posting about things I didn't like and I'll try to do more of that to balance things out a bit! :)

  11. I love makeup, but I have to admit, I'm tired of watching YouTubers/bloggers shill new products constantly. I do like hearing about them, but I'm not a fan of how much they gush over 'new product X' before its launch and then, silence after the release.

    I would much rather read about someone rediscovering old products, or discovering dupes. I can't help but feel that most of the so-called new releases are just old shades in shiny new packaging! It'd be interesting to see comparisons.

    As far as your questions go:

    New product launches - yes, I'd like to hear about them. It's nice to read your thoughts on products because you're very relatable - none of that 'slay queen!' stuff [which is so grating!] - and you also tend to get right to the point, without missing any important information.

    Drugstore dupes - yes, please! I do feel like drugstore tends to be overlooked. I discovered the City Color shimmer shadows through your blog, and I adore them - they're honestly every bit as good [if not better!] than some UD shadows I have!

    Ulta/Sephora/Drugstore hauls - Hauls have never been interesting to me. It kinda rubs me the wrong way sometimes - almost like a "hey guys see how much money I can afford to throw around" kind of thing.

    Anti-Hauls - YES. I love anti-hauls because, really, how much makeup does anyone need? And a lot of time hype is just hype, and many products aren't really the best quality [looking at you, Too Faced...]

    Shopping my stash/revisiting old products - Absolutely yes. I love it when vloggers/bloggers do this, because it's really inspiring. Rediscovering old favorites, finding new ways of pairing products - all that really appeals to me.

    YouTube- if I start a channel would you watch? (For now it would probably be informal vlogs, like my Instagram stories, only longer) - I would watch, but in all honesty I don't really watch YouTube much any more. I prefer reading a few select, trusted blogs.

    PR Unboxings - Nope. I don't know when/why this became a thing. It's so boring.

    Tutorials - Yes. Again, it can be inspiring to see color combinations and the like.

    Decluttering - Yes. However, I find that some decluttering videos are mostly 'I'm getting rid of this product because its old' as opposed to 'I'm getting rid of this product X because it's similar to so and so, and those work better for my skin type. But product X would work well on [____] skin tones/types.'

    Other topics like lifestyle and fashion - Not really. I may be really wrong but the moment a blogger starts to include lifestyle and fashion I automatically lose all interest, because it makes me feel like they aren't really into makeup anymore.

    Thanks for blogging, Jen! You're one of my favorite blogs to read, and I'm always excited to see a new post from you :)

    1. Thank YOU so much for such a detailed gave me a lot to think about/work with. That's a great point about the decluttering, because I'm about to go through and throw out all of my old cream eyeshadows that have dried up, but I also have a bin of products that didn't work for me. Instead of just throwing it out, I'll share it in a future post! I'm also interested to hear when people say they don't watch YouTube anymore. I have this hope that people will go back to reading blogs again and sometimes I think it's starting to swing that way! :)

  12. You are a favorite vlogger of mine because you like a lot of the same brands as me and you seem open & honest on your reviews. I would agree that product overload and vloggers turning into salespeople (not you, but some other popular vloggers and youtube channels) have fatigued my love of makeup. I have so much makeup that I know I will never use up my 20+ blushes before the product goes bad. I need to take a break from buying but I still love your blog and to see new makeup. I prefer reviews, new release sightings, tutorials, and your fun fashion hauls. Makeup lovers suddenly had a big outlet for obsessing over makeup when the internet started offering more but now it's all so much.

    1. I completely agree, MojoBean. I feel like I will never use what I have (and I have more than I would if I wasn't a blogger). I think that the makeup companies are releasing new products so fast, that's all there is to talk about. Before, you would see the new Spring stuff in January and the new fall stuff come out over the summer and in-between, you really had to get creative to find something to talk about. I remember feeling bored in-between and wondering what I was going to write about. Now, I could cover new products year-round and never post about anything else!

  13. This is why I stick to blogs like yours Jen. YouTube gurus are all the same with their fake personalities and "oh my God, this is the most AMAZING product in the world" and then you never see it again. They all copy each other and I think that beauty bloggers stay more true to themselves. You and Musings of a Muse are my favorites. I used to like Nouveau Cheap a lot but now she only talks about sales. I miss her reviews or I would still read her too.

    1. I am definitely guilty of doing that too. But for me, it's because I'm just overwhelmed with product. I'll talk about a product when I first get it but then it gets lost amongst the piles of new stuff coming in. I need to remember to go back and pull out things I haven't used in a while because there's some great stuff in there! :)

  14. I like declutterings, shopping the stash, empties, favorites (and things that didn't work for you), reviews--but it doesn't have to be everything--just the stuff you are interested in. i dislike pr unboxings and hauls if you haven't tried the product yet.

    1. Hi Ann, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! :)

  15. I love this blog post. It is the most sincere one I've read in a while! I'm also tired and overwhelmed of so many new products... EVERYWHERE. I don't have the money to buy them all and sometimes it makes me feel bad and it shouldn't. Also, I would like to see people using up their products, I love empties blogs and videos! If you look at them, most empties are skin care and that is because it takes A WHILE to pan a single eyeshadow, now imagine a whole palette!!

    Ulta/Sephora/Drugstore hauls - I like this kind of posts because I like to see what people use their money on, instead of what is sent to them.

    Anti-Hauls - YES. I love these, I have a huge anti haul list myself.

    Shopping my stash/revisiting old products - I love this beacause it is the only true way to know what is really worth it instead of what we need to be buying just because it is knew.

    Thank you and hope you have all the success in the world!!!

    1. Thank you so much for all your feedback! :) You make a good point about is definitely interesting to see what bloggers will willingly spend their money on vs. what's given to them by the brands. Also, I know what you mean about feeling bad when you don't buy all the newest things. I've been restraining myself a lot lately and I find myself going back and looking at a product online multiple times and almost buying it, then changing my mind again. Then it nags at me that I don't have it...I think that's the problem with the current mentality. People are feeling like they're missing out if they don't have everything that launches and it's dangerous, in my opinion. I really struggled with credit card debt when I was in my early 20's and it took me until I was 31 or 32 to dig out and be able to do things like own a home and purchase a car. But it seems like the "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality is still everywhere, just much worse. Back when I was getting into debt the Internet wasn't the same as it is today, there was no social media. I still shopped from catalogs, haha! I can't imaging being that age now with products being pushed at you from every angle.

  16. I agree completely with everything that's been said... I like that your blog has always been personal. You don't post things you don't like, and even though you cover the new stuff, it never comes across like shilling. I like being kept up to date with new products, but I like seeing your favorites and reviews, dupes, and tutorials. I think I'm in the minority... I don't really bother with youtube stuff. I really just want to know what's truly worth my money!

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! I really appreciate your kind words and input! :)I agree that blogs should be personal...that was the whole point of them when they first started. It was so nice to read that one person's point of view on a topic and "get to know them" through the blog. Lately, it's all about selling and it's much less personal than it used to be, which is sad.

  17. Hi Jen,
    I've been a longtime follower of your blog because your blog speaks directly to my heart. You're not just another blogger who takes up 3 hours of their morning to put on tons of hair and makeup products to look pixel perfect. Seriously, what busy mom has that much time on her hands to do hair and makeup anyways? I look forward to reading your new posts. I feel that you've 100% honest in your reviews even with PR samples. Without further ado, I'll answer your questions:
    New product launches: yes
    Drugstore dupes: OH YES PLEASE!!!
    Ulta/Sephora/drugstore hauls: neutral
    Anti-haul: sure, it's a fun category.
    Shopping my stash/revisiting old products: neutral
    You-Tube channel: naahh, but feel free to do how your heart desires
    PR unboring: yes
    Tutorials: yes
    Declutter and other stuff like fashion and lifestyle: NO! When beauty blogs start going in that direction, it no longer feels the same. It's like shopping for clothes at some generic retailer vs a store specifically dedicated for clothes. As always, thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute to your blog.
    Marina D

    1. Hi Marina! Thanks so much for your feedback and for always commenting on so many of my posts. :) And you're absolutely right, I definitely don't have time to get all made up on a daily basis but I do still love makeup. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the minority because when I look at all of the other beauty bloggers and YouTubers that are so skilled at makeup and then look at myself (most of the time it looks like I'm not wearing much at all) there's a huge contrast. I post photos on Instagram of myself wearing makeup but it's always very natural-looking and I never get featured by the brands (except for Flower Beauty, so thank you to them for that!). Now I'm not saying that it's my goal to be fact, it kind of makes me nervous, like it opens me up to being criticized by others. But I do think that every once in a while, brands should feature someone wearing their products who looks more natural and subtle rather than wearing a ton of makeup...there's room for both and I think they would appeal to a broader audience!

  18. I actually enjoy everything in the blogs. I don't watch videos (except nail polish swatches). The blogs introduce me to new products and I enjoy reading reviews on the hyped products too, because you have saved me a ton of money. I enjoy the dupes because I can't always afford $25 lip gloss and I like reading about the sales because I don't get notification's unless I am constantly spending. I may be in the minority but I still enjoy reading and seeing the swatches.

  19. I really enjoy your blog! I would love to see declutters, shop my stash, anti-hauls and drugstore dupes please! Also more skin care reviews especially drugstore (cereve, elf etc) . Thanks!

  20. I reiterate all the positives from the previous posters, I read your blog everyday. I will say that a big draw for me is swatches. I don't buy a ton of cosmetics on a regular basis (although I have my fair share!). Swatches about color and consistency really help me when I do decide I want something. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in your blog. I for one appreciate it!

  21. I just found your blog yesterday.. from a search for a specific product (pretty sure it was a BH cosmetics item but honestly I don't remember for certain).
    I think the beauty community has been infected by a virus.. the monitization virus.. and it's dying if changes are not made. I love beauty.. for me it is an extension of art and I have been interested for decades (I'm 43). I've been watching YT and reading blogs for a long time. The industry commercialization of what used to be users/hobbyists sharing information is just awful. There has been a very insidious corruption of this format, and people are not only learning just how they have been taken advantage of, but they are also hitting a saturation point of consumption. A few years ago a few brave souls were crying "enough".. and now declutters are all the rage. If the content producers do not change their ways I think they are going to suffer in the next few years. I used to have dozens of subscriptions, now I'm down to a handful. I demand honesty and transparency and won't settle for less anymore.
    As for content.. the reason I am here is new product swatches and review, preferably from independent or drugstore companies.. I do buy high end but there are many other places to see those, it's the smaller priced/non mass marketed stuff I find harder to get good information on. As someone else mentioned above with "shop my stash" I do also appreciate focus on older existing products, especially multiple looks or using them in multiple ways. I decluttered 3/4 of my immense collection late last year and am now a lot pickier about what I buy, and I really want to get excited about and use some of the things I kept.

  22. No videos, no boxing, more product info and reviews, no "what's in my purse"

  23. Thanks for asking us Jen!
    I would love declutters (helps me figure out what not to buy), Drugstore dupes, Anti-Hauls (yassss kimberly clark), and shop my stash (lets me know what you really love in the long run/what is really worth buying) .
    Also more skincare reviews especially drugstore (cereve, elf etc). I would watch all of this on youtube if you made one!

  24. Being as though I am a lover of makeup I do feel most YouTube vloggers are pushing products for personal gain. I prefer blogs now because to me it is has a different vibe. Bloggers like yourself are very personal and detailed. Not a bunch of affiliated links and discount codes. Though I do love a discount I do not want to see discount codes for lace wigs, teeth brighter, sunglasses,fashionova etc. It is getting out of control. Lol
    Anti Haul -yes
    PR products are ok but my least favorite.
    Decluttering- yes
    Drug store dupes- yes

  25. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for bringing this up. For starters, YES I would absolutely watch your Youtube videos and I'm sure others would as well. I think you have a broad audience and have carved a certain niche.

    I think part of the slowdown of blog traffic is due to the market being oversaturated with certain products (ex: it seems most brands are just *now* coming out with highlighting liquid drops, almost a year after the CoverFx ones) and I think people just don't need all of these things. Not to just pick on highlighters - and this doesn't pertain to you - but there are so many on the market now that I just roll my eyes. I think some brands are falling behind while some are ahead of the curve.

    I hope that you continue your blog full speed ahead. I love your posts lately where you mention a bunch of products (i.e. multiuse products, those types of posts) and stuff you like. I also appreciate anti-hauls. Definitely declutters and dupes too!

    Also, I would enjoy seeing fashion posts from you more like the one that you posted not too too long ago. Because of you, I went out and bought that pink floral Old Navy tank top :)

    I check your blog at least once per day (usually twice!) and look forward to your new posts. I will continue to be a fan!

    Xo, Abby

  26. Thank you for starting this conversation, Jen. I wouldn't mind more open discussions like this on your blog in your future, in fact.

    I found your blog originally because you seem to have a fondness for both drugstore and more mid-range makeup, and I found that I trusted your opinion more because you don't automatically assume a higher price is going to get you a better product. I wanted to know if a higher-end product is actually worth the money, and not just because it's a name brand or has nicer packaging or need to pay Sephora commission fees. Generally I find that you're very balanced with your reviews, and I love that your favorites contain both mid-range as well as drugstore items.

    I like tutorials and reviews, and I also like to see the new releases, but I feel like you should post content that you enjoy and are passionate about, and if I'm not interested in a post I'll just skip it. What keeps me loyal to a blog or Youtuber isn't necessarily the content, even, but whether or not I feel I can trust what they say.

    I definitely agree that YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms seem very commercialized, now. For me, it's not just due to sponsorships or collaborations or these special trips that brands do - it's also these PR packages that so many influencers receive. I know every beauty guru says they're not influenced by getting things for free, and while I think they sincerely believe that, it's just human nature to view something more favorably (or just less harshly), when you didn't spend money on it. While I'm sure there are some very nice people working at these brands, they're still trying to cultivate positive relationships so that influencers will talk about their products and other people will be intrigued and want to buy it (it's their job, whether they do it well or not). Nowadays, I find myself very skeptical of anyone on social media who seems to be getting the majority of their stuff for free. I tend to gravitate toward people like Emily Noel and Tati Westbrook because (from what I've seen) they don't showcase everything they get for free - and they still buy most of the stuff they review.

    I feel like just because you get something for free, you don't need to talk about it unless you are specifically interested about it, especially with regards to so many of these limited edition makeup that's coming out now. It's fine if you like something because of its special packaging, but a pet peeve of mine is when an influencer says "This has a great color/formula/feel, and you should get it soon because it's limited". What I want to know is if the product is unique and would I never be able to get it again if I don't buy it now? If the formula/color/finish is the same as items from a brand's permanent collection, then what other reason would I have for impulse buying this specific collection if not for the packaging?

    Thank you for your work in creating and maintaining this blog, and I really appreciate this beauty chat. It's nice when bloggers and Youtubers actually want their audience's opinions about not just makeup, but also about the future direction their blog/channel.


  27. This is a great post! I would love to see:

    Shop my stash
    Product Favorites in different categories (High end and Drugstore options)
    Anti-hauls (they help us keep it real!)
    Declutters (why didn't it work for you, why are you getting rid of it, is there a better option instead?)
    Product Reviews

    No to:
    Hauls (I don't care what you bought, I care if it works, hence the yes to product reviews)
    NO PR unboxings (I really hate those! "Hey Everyone, look at all the stuff that companies are sending me for free!")
    Fashion - everyone's body type/styles are so different, I think it's hard to do this well for a large group of people.

    And yes to a YouTube channel. I think there is a real gap in good content for women no longer in their 20s, and I would love to have more people in the 40ish group doing videos (I'm 46). Products work differently on older skin, and what looks good on a 25 year old is not going to look the same on a 46 year old! One of my favorite YouTubers is Stephanie Marie. She is in her early 40s and puts out great videos. She has product reviews keeping in mind those near 40 and over; tutorials on natural, every day makeup for people in that age group, etc. I would love to see you jump into this niche.

    That said, you really can cover that in your blog as well, if you didn't want to jump into YouTube, and I would enjoy reading about those things just as much as watching them. YouTube videos would be a big time investment on your part, and it may be hard to do both a channel and blog well.

    But no matter what you decide, I love your blog, and will keep on reading it, even though I hardly ever comment. ;)

  28. Hi Jen, love your blog so much! As I mentioned you before I like to read your blog early morning with a cup of coffee and before I start my crazy day. To be honest, I appreciate every post you do... I really like to read your honest opinion... If you start a YouTube channel ,I WOULD BE THE FIRST SUBSCRIBER!

  29. Hi,I really like this post and wanted to thank you for your honesty. I am 59 and enjoy reading whenever you post. I feel overwhelmed with what's going on with beauty bloggers. There is a new launch every day and that is good for the companies,I am bored with it all. I enjoy drugstore dupes, anti hauls,shopping your stash,and some of the new releases. I am not much for videos,though. Thanks again for your honesty and I look forward to future posts!

  30. Drugstore Dupes! Over the last year I have been forced to purchase makeup at a drugstore due to schedule and travel. For years I was all about the latest department store/Sephora items. I have found the drugstore has so much more to offer at a better price point! I only thought my skin would completely flip if I used something from a drugstore. It was fine and saved me money!

  31. To me personally the world of beauty has lost the appeal it is to have, for me a couple of years ago YouTube was a place where I could find honest opinions of ladies just like me, trying to spend their money where it counted. Now I feel like the majority of beauty gurus are just trying not to fall out of the grace of makeup companies, afraid to say they don't like their products, saying that everything is wonderful so they don't take them out of their PR lists or their all paid vacation. They have no desire to help us, just for us to help them, getting benefits from our shopping. Hoping for a collaboration with the big brands. I'm just done with that. I use to feel like I could count on their opinions, but sadly not anymore.
    That said, I really like your blog, especially when you shop your stash, I love your comparisons and recently your antihauls.
    I would love to see more buy this not that. I look forward to reading your new posts. I'll answer your questions:
    New product launches: mehh it depends in how innoveting they are.
    Drugstore dupes: now that's what we are talking about!
    Ulta/Sephora/drugstore hauls: not really, now if you buy it and swatch and give first impression followed up by a final review... Bring them on!
    Anti-haul: LOVE this.

    Shopping my stash/revisiting old products: uhhhhhh YES!!!
    You-Tube channel: I'll watch a couple :)
    PR unboxing: nooooooooooo please!
    Tutorials: yes love them.
    Declutter and other stuff like fashion and lifestyle: yes why not, I'm always interested in finding out things other people love to use in their home. I prefer when they have been bought by the reviewer. I can't shake the idea of my head that when you are given something as a gift you are being set to find what you like about it. Instead of being as critical as you would when you have to pay for it. Most of us anyway, I don't think we are necessarily consious of it. But since we are little children we have been taught to be grateful.
    Just my two cents.
    I do trust in your opinions, and I have found many of my HG thanks to you.

  32. I love that you wrote this. Yours is one of the few blogs I subscribe to and I was drawn to the drugstore aspect initially. I look at the beauty blogs/vlogs and think where do these girls live? I don't have time to make myself up like that, I don't live in an area where that level of make up would even be considered normal. I live in Florida where it is hot and humid and there is no way I am piling on layer after layer of expensive makeup so it can slide off my face the second I step outside. I work in the legal profession and I am in my 40's. Glitter and shimmer is a no go. I want to know about products I can get at the drugstore that do what they are supposed to do and that I can put to use in my everyday life. So I would like to know more about all the fabulous drugstore finds and multitasking products. I have recently discovered ELF and NYX and several others. What to buy and use in real life, on a real budget?

  33. Hi Jen,
    I thought I wrote a response but it seems to have disappeared. If it should reappear my apologies, I never comment on anyone's blog so this is my first (second) attempt.

    I am thrilled you asked the questions and agree with so much of what the other women have said here.

    As far as I am concerned, I will read before I watch a video on something. I am in my 40's in Florida in the legal profession and I do not have a high end budget. I have sun damage, I battle humidity and there is nowhere in my world where I will wear glitter. I want to look fresh and not like a mask is sliding off my face when I go outside. I can't go to work wearing neon colored makeup but I also don't want to look like I am stuck in a previous decade. I recently learned how to put old broken apart makeup back together again and had fun restoring an old much loved and discontinued Chanel blush. My favorite skin care products are honey, baking soda and coconut oil! I love figuring out how to get results from what I've got without having to spend a ton of money.

    I think we are turning to beauty bloggers/vloggers because the choices in the stores and online are overwhelming and difficult to make sense of. It was so much easier when I was in my 20's, I was a Trish McEvoy disciple and they chose everything for me and showed me how to put it on. Those days are long gone.

    You are definitely asking the right questions and it seems to me you have a great following. You clearly have authenticity and that resonates with your readers. Because at the end of the day, it's a lucky few who get to be glamorous and gorgeous all the time, that is not what real life is like. Reading the other responses makes me feel like my 40something on a budget self is not alone out there!

    Thank you for all you do!

  34. Love your "anti haul" segments since we are bombarded with ads telling us what we "need" all the time in the media. Would love to see some organizing and decluttering ideas, drugstore dupes or "hidden budget friendly gems", re-visit of "old but good standbyes" (or classics) and some seasonal tips/tricks. For example, with warmer weather, how do folks modify their makeup/hair routine to withstand the increased heat and humidity? How do you pack multi-tasking products for trips. I think many of us have tons of products but would welcome a fresh look on new uses, trends and tips, etc.

    Thanks for asking for our opinions. Enjoy your blog.

  35. I haven't had time to read as much lately due to graduation and other end of the year activities, but I think summertime will bring me back to blogs and vlogs as I'll have more time to enjoy to myself. As for content, I think tutorials, drugstore dupes, and decluterring posts would be the most interesting to me! I especially love seeing tutorials done in blog posts because they're easier to reference than videos.

  36. I like all of the topics you've mentioned! I really enjoying see products that are not necessarily new but still accessible too. I'm tired of all the Limited Edition products, so seeing products that have been around for a while makes me want to dig into my own stash.

  37. Hi Jen! I'll echo everyone else - there has been a change, and not a good one, in beauty blogging. I've stopped reading several former favorites because I feel like they are just insincere commercials. An example - a blogger I've read a long time, who has always used/talked about high-end haircare, published several posts about Dove and Suave hair products that were plainly full of "corporate marketing-speak". No shade to drugstore hair products, but it felt very disingenuous and canned coming from this source. I know that bloggers have to make a living, but pushing a product I know you wouldn't choose if you weren't being paid to talk about it alienates me and makes me question your sincerity. Especially when they are praised to the sky after two uses then never mentioned again.
    I also get tired of seeing the same product with a different label over and over. I don't need to hear about ANOTHER highlighter palette unless it's really different or better than all the rest, or a "spring release" that's just new names or packaging on products that have been around forever. Someone else jumping on the charcoal bandwagon or the sheet mask train is not interesting, and matte liquid lipcolors aren't news anymore.
    I want to hear about the products - whether they are new or have been around forever - that you think are exceptionally good. I like a mix or drugstore and high-end, and I like to hear about your personal experiences with them.
    Your list:
    New product launches - only if it's something really good or really groundbreaking, and only if you have tried it.
    Drugstore dupes - yes. Also drugstore products that are notable in their own right.
    Ulta/Sephora/Drugstore hauls - no. Talk about things that you've used, not just bought or been sent.
    Anti-Hauls - yes! Sometimes I will be thinking about trying something and I appreciate a frank "skip it" from a source I trust. So does my wallet.
    Shopping my stash/revisiting old products - yes, especially if it's something you've been using a long time even though you've tried alternatives.
    YouTube- if I start a channel would you watch? (For now it would probably be informal vlogs, like my Instagram stories, only longer) Not really. Most YouTube videos are too long and not informative enough. I would rather read than watch.
    PR Unboxings NO NO NO. I get jealous that companies aren't sending me flowers and gifts and free products.
    Tutorials - not for me, though many enjoy them.
    Decluttering - not for me.
    Other topics like lifestyle and fashion - no. I read beauty blogs for beauty stuff.

  38. I really enjoy your blog and make an effort to stop by every few days to catch up on posts. I actually really enjoy the content on your blog as it is, but I wouldn't hate seeing more things like shopping your stash, decluttering where you feel you need it, tutorials, and even other lifestyle/fashion posts. Oh, and drugstore dupes!

  39. Honestly, I miss the days when you were all about drugstore/budget beauty. I already followed blogs about higher end beauty launches, and while they were nice, I can't exactly get all those items. Your blog, on the other hand, was a breath of fresh air. It was so cool to have someone actually care about cheaper launches, not just say "I don't like drugstore." I would love for you to go back to your roots :)

    1. Hey there, thanks so much for your feedback! I hope you understand that when I changed the name, it didn't mean that I wasn't going to focus on drugstore anymore. I still talk about it the same amount as I always did, and I NEVER miss talking about a new drugstore launch in favor of a higher-end one...I care about them very much.

      The problem for me was that there are a limited number of drugstore products to talk about and new products are only released twice a year, while the mid-range brands have new launches all the time. So when I only focused on drugstore products, I would find myself running out of things to talk about sometimes. That being said, drugstore products are still my first love and I feel like I still talk about those more than high-end (my last 6 reviews are all drugstore, for example). I still think of my blog as drugstore-focused with a few higher-end things thrown in that are of interest to me. :)

  40. New product launches and shopping your stash are two big areas of interest for me!

  41. New product launches- NO. I've had enough! there are just too many, and the ones we should know about already make sure they are very known through in your face advertising everywhere.
    Drugstore dupes -YES! forever and always. I would love to see more!
    Ulta/Sephora/Drugstore hauls -Not really. We already know what they have and I'd prefer not to know what you got or why.
    Anti-Hauls -Yes! I love seeing why something isn't worth the hype, and you're always good at proving why.
    Shopping my stash/revisiting old products -Yes! I hate how beauty bloggers showcase something once and then make us feel like they just left it to die?
    YouTube- if I start a channel would you watch? (For now it would probably be informal vlogs, like my Instagram stories, only longer) - No /:
    PR Unboxings -No.
    Tutorials -No
    Decluttering -No
    Other topics like lifestyle and fashion -No

    PS: would love to see you review the ordinary! I hope this does not come off as a negative review but you are right. I'm growing tired of beauty bloggers. You are one of the few remaining real ones that I can trust. I admire you and your blog, as well as your devotion to being honest to us. I appreciate it!

  42. Yes, I'm getting burned out on most bloggers. Seems like they either (a) look like clowns with heavy, garish, inappropriate makeup, or (b) create the same ONE look no matter how many different products they try. Thank you for not doing that. Also thank you for NOT posting about your child(ren), dog, or cat. Sooooo sick of bloggers who get all cutesy and act like their cat is co-writing the blog.

    I can hardly believe you're 39, Jen; you look much younger. I wish people would realize that heavy makeup and harsh eyebrows make one look older. If you're 18 wanting to look 25, great. If you're 45 and wanting to look 35, beware. I'm 58 and thick foundation, glitter, and dark lip colors look absolutely hideous.

    To answer your questions on categories:

    New product launches: Yes, if they're special, not if they're the 100th highlighter released in the last 24 hours.

    Drugstore dupes: YES, great money saver.

    Ulta/Sephora/Drugstore hauls: No, hauls are not useful to me. They are all "look what I bought." Big whoop. Want me to show you the groceries I just bought? Didn't think so. lol

    Anti-Hauls: Yes! These are good to calm hype, which is often unwarranted.

    Shopping my stash/revisiting old products: Yes, remind us why an older product is still great!

    YouTube- if I start a channel would you watch? (For now it would probably be informal vlogs, like my Instagram stories, only longer): No, I prefer to read print and not watch videos.

    PR Unboxings: No on any unboxings. See "hauls" above.

    Tutorials: Yes

    Decluttering: Yes, if you explain why you're getting rid of what you are. I'm big on the Konmari method lately and anything related to that helps me a lot.

    Other topics like lifestyle and fashion: Not really, but neither am I rabidly opposed.

    Thanks for asking!

  43. I really enjoy the blog as is, since it's a good mix between high-end and drugstore makeup, with information about skincare products!


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