Spring Clothing Haul


Spring has arrived in the NorthEast and I was finally inspired to do a little clothes shopping. I still need a few things, but I grabbed several items from some stores at the mall and I wanted to share them with you before they sell out. For reference, I'm 5'5" and about 135 lbs. I'm also pear-shaped so I'm smaller on top with wider hips on the bottom.

Let's take a look!

Old Navy
I love Old Navy because their clothes are cute and super affordable. Fun fact...when I was pregnant and really starting to show at the end of my second trimester and into the third, I wore almost all Old Navy clothes to avoid buying maternity outfits (they're so expensive to wear for such a short time). Old Navy has some great empire-waist dresses that nip in under your chest and then flare out so they can accommodate a bump easily. They also have some great long tank tops that will cover a growing bump as well (just a tip if you happen to be pregnant this spring/summer). As far as sizing, I'm a Small at Old Navy usually...I find their clothing to run a little bit large so I tend to size down one size.

1. Fit & Flare Jersey Knit Dress ($14.95) Size Small- I normally stay away from jersey-knit dresses because they tend to cling to any lumps and bumps I may have along my body. But I was surprised when I tried this on...it's very flattering! It hugs the top half of your body and then flares out at the waist (for anyone who watched What Not To Wear, this was Stacy & Clinton's preferred dress shape!). It's also super comfy, like a big t-shirt and will look cute with low sneakers or flip flops. 
2. Off The Shoulder Swing Top ($13.97) Size Small - I really wanted to try the off-the-shoulder trend this summer but I just kept picturing the arms shifting and popping back up on my shoulders every time I move. I like this one because it has straps that keep everything in place. I also like that it doesn't hug my body and is a little bit loose and flowy. The orange color looks great with both blue and white denim.
3. Relaxed Peplum Hem Tank ($12) Size Small- I love this tank because it has that cute little peplum detail on the bottom which makes it a little bit more feminine than your basic striped tank top. It'll look cute with jeans or shorts!

I used to buy all of my work clothes at Loft but they have some really great casual pieces too! They also have some serious "vanity sizing" so I often find myself having to size down two sizes to an XS in some cases. At the time of this post, all Tops are BOGO 50% off!

1. Eyelet Trim Tee ($19.99)- This tee jumped out at me because it's a little bit dressier than just a regular tee shirt. It's made of a super lightweight sheer cotton (so you need a cami underneath) and is perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans a little bit.
2. Chambray Pintucked Flutter Shell ($54.50)- I love the loose fit of this top and the ruffled sleeve, plus the chambray will look great with white jeans/shorts.
3. Striped Tulip Sleeve Tee ($39.50) Size XS- I loved a basic striped tee but this one adds a little bit of interest with cute ruffled sleeves. I got it in the red stripe and the blue stripe (blue no longer online, but may still be in stores).
4. Clean Racerback Pocket Tank ($39.50)- Size XS- I've been looking for a silky tank top like this one because it's a little bit dressier than your basic cotton tank. I like to wear it alone or with a cardigan layered over it.
5. Lace Yoke Swing Dress ($89.50) Size XS- I thought this dress would be perfect to wear in the summer if we're going out to dinner or on vacation. It can be worn with heeled or flat sandals depending on the occasion. The swing style is really flattering and the design on the top adds interest.
6. Flutter Flare Dress ($89.50) Size 4- I wore this dress on Easter Sunday and it was just perfect...the fit, the color, everything! It's very flattering on a pear-shaped figure...it has that fit & flare cut that floats away from your lower body.

Abercrombie & Fitch:
I love Abercrombie for all of my basic casual pieces. Lately they've started to move away from a teen demographic (they've left that to Hollister) and are offering styles that are a little more grown-up yet still trendy. They've also ditched their previous CEO and hired designers that have worked at brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Karl Lagerfeld. I find their sizing to be pretty true-to-size so I wear a 6 (28) in pants and Medium in tops.

1. Cutout Neckline Tee ($24) Size M- This is such a cute idea for a tee and an alternative to those cold-shoulder tops if you don't want to go all the way. 
2. Lace Up Sweater ($29 on sale) Size M- I got this sweater to wear when the weather is cooler...it's lightweight and on-trend with the lace-up detail. 
3. Peplum Cami ($10 on sale) Size M- When I saw this top, I thought it would be perfect for those sweltering hot days in the middle of the summer. It looks so breezy and cool! 
4. Chino Shorts ($29) Size 28- I have a few different chino shorts I like to wear as an alternative to denim but I don't own any that are this color...it's so pretty!
5. Embroidered Blouse ($29) Size M- This blouse is sort of a peasant-style and it has the flared sleeves that are really trendy right now. I've already been wearing this with jeans and will also wear it with shorts when it gets warmer outside. 
6. Mandarin Plaid Shirt ($34.80) Size M- This shirt is made of ultra-lightweight breathable cotton, perfect for Spring. I love tucking it into white denim (jeans or shorts) and it has such a pretty, feminine color palette. 

Tory Burch:
I love Tory Burch when it comes to shoes and handbags because they're such great quality and timeless design. As a rule, I tend to spend more on shoes and bags because I wear them for years and years whereas with clothing, it can stretch out/wear out or the following year it no longer fits due to weight loss or gain. 

1. Miller Sandal in Sand Patent ($195)- I already own two pairs of these sandals (Black and Vintage Vachetta which is a whiskey brown color) and I wear them with just about everything. So I decided to grab this lighter Sand color because it goes with a lot of the pastel-colored items I've purchased this year. As far as flat sandals go, these are pretty comfortable...they have a padded footbed that adds a little bit of support.

So that's my Spring clothing haul so far. What about you? Have you done any Spring shopping lately?


  1. There are so many things I like here! I want every single thing you bought at Loft and am surprised to see things I like at A&F again. I used to wear them back in the 90's but thought I was too old now (I'm 37). Glad to see them changing. I also have the Tory Burch Miller sandals but mine are in the rose gold color and not sure if they still make that one. They're my favorite and I do want another pair so I might look into the Sand color. Thanks, I love your fashion posts!

    1. I used to wear A&F in the 90's also! They are still a little more trendy now...back then I feel like they were sort of woodsy/preppy. Still I'm happy they've changed their style a bit. And yes...the Tory Sandals are the best! I wish I could buy every color but my bank account just isn't big enough. ;)

  2. Thank you for including some stores other than Nordstrom. I like Nordstrom but lately it feels like all the bloggers and You Tube people only shop there and no where else. I also don't have a Nordstrom nearby and I like to be able to go into stores and try things on. I will be going to Loft in the morning!

    1. That's because Nordies sponsors all those bloggers and pays them to do those posts. I would much rather see a post like this one where someone shops at a few different stores and picks out what they like. Seems more authentic (just my opinion).

    2. I love Nordstrom but the closest one for me is 45 minutes away so I don't always get a chance to shop there. I shop online occasionally but when it comes to clothes, I also like to walk around the mall and try stuff on. It's way more fun! :) Glad you liked the post!

  3. Thanks for this post! It's nice to see something other than makeup every once in a while. I'm nosy and I like to see what else my favorite bloggers are buying. :)-

    1. Haha I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :) I love clothes almost as much as makeup and even though this is a beauty blog, it's nice to talk about fashion once a season or so. :)

  4. I am going to Old Navy today to look for the off the shoulder shirt-thanks :)

  5. Thanks for this post! Absolutely loved it. Would love to see more of these in the future! xo -Abby


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