Sephora Collection Contour Blush Palette Review & Swatches


sephora collection contour blush palette review
I couldn't resist the new Sephora Collection Contour Blush Palette ($28) when I saw it online last week. Not only am I a total blush fanatic, but the shades are gorgeous so I decided to grab one to review and swatch here on the blog.

Let's take a look!

The Contour Blush Palette comes in a box that has all of the information you need on the back, including description and ingredients.
sephora collection contour blush palette packaging
The packaging of this palette looks exactly like the new Sephora Collection Illuminate Palette (which I swatched on Instagram a few weeks ago but haven't reviewed yet). It's housed in a sturdy plastic compact with six large round pans inside (no mirror or brush).
sephora collection contour blush palette

It comes with four shimmer shades and two mattes. In the top row is Rosy Nude (matte), Pink Peach (shimmer), and Bronze (shimmer). In the bottom row is Rust (shimmer), Rose (matte), and Orange Peach (shimmer).

The overall tone of the palette is warm with beautiful peachy pinks, nude, and bronzy shades.
sephora collection contour blush palette
The formula isn't super pigmented but when it comes to blush I'm fine with that...I actually prefer a more buildable formula so I don't end up with clown cheeks. As long as it's soft and easy to pick up (which these are), I'm good. I find that my brush grabs on to these easily and they blend beautifully on my cheeks. I wouldn't say it's a particularly long-wearing powder blush (it's about average for me) but I typically use a setting spray to make everything last a bit longer anyway.

In my swatches below, you can see that the first shades on the left in the top and bottom row look vastly different in the pan, but very similar when swatched. It turns out that the top matte shade is one of the more pigmented colors in this palette so it swatches a little deeper than it looks, while the rust colored shimmer shade underneath isn't as pigmented so it goes on a little more sheer. Also, the bronzy shades at the end contain shimmer, to the point of almost being highlights so I can't really use them as a bronzer (and they're too dark for me to use as highlighters) so I can only use them as blush.
sephora collection contour blush palette swatches
Overall, if you're a blush palette fan like I am, and you like those spicy peachy bronze shades I think you'll really like this palette. There's a nice variety of shades in here and they all apply and blend beautifully!

Available nowfor $28 at (not yet in stores)

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  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this! I was very intrigued but I can now see I wouldn't have a use for the bronze shades or the rust one.

  2. Blushes is something I have the least of in my collection. This is really tempting! I've seen some really nice ones from NARS and I love the Benefit one but it's nice to see a Sephora Brand option too! It would give me an excuse to really play around with blush colors.


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