Flower Beauty Flower Pots Blush Review & Swatches (+ Dupes!)

Flower Beauty Flower Pots Blush ($10) are one of my all-time favorite blush formulas and since I only had two shades in my collection, I decided to purchase the other two...I love them that much! I'm really excited to post an updated review and swatches since my initial review was only for the first two shades I bought. There is also a fifth shade that's exclusive to the Flower Beauty website, but I didn't purchase that one because it's a darker color that looks like it's suited more toward medium to deep skin tones.

Even though the Flower Pots look like the Milani Flower Blushes, the formula is very different and I actually like these even more. I find them to be even silkier in texture and effortless to blend. They go on so smoothly and are very finely milled, so the color looks seamless on your cheeks.

Three of the shades have a satin-matte finish with no shimmer while one shade (Warm Hibiscus) has a subtle shimmer.


I wanted to go through my blush collection and see if the Flower Pots could be dupes for any higher-end blushes. I was actually able to find very close matches for all four shades! Even though they're not exact dupes, they're so close, they look the same when blended out on the cheeks.

First, the peachy-pink shimmer shade Warm Hibiscus is very similar to The Balm's Hot Mama! and Tarte's Glisten. It also reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm but I couldn't find mine to do a comparison swatch.

The cool-toned pink matte shade, Wild Rose reminds me a lot of Tarte's Dollface.

Peach Primrose is very similar to Benefit Coralista (but even more pigmented).

Sweet Pea is pretty much a dead-on match for The Balm's Down Boy.

Overall, I can't recommend these enough and don't have one bad thing to say about them...they're amazing and can't be beat for the price!

Available at select Walmart stores and FlowerBeauty.com

Disclosure: Purchased by Me, Affiliate Link


  1. I bought a few of these blushes a couple months ago when you first reviewed them and they are holy grail for me. I love how natural-looking the shades are and they blend like a high-end blush on your cheeks, no skipping or streakiness. I can only hope Flower will come out with more shades for fall!

    1. Also thanks for the great dupes! They really are so similar.

    2. Oh my gosh, that would be amazing if they came out with more shades. I would buy them all! :)

  2. How do the Flower blushes compare to Tarte in terms of longevity? I'm getting low on Tarte Dollface and would purchase the Flower dupe if I knew it would last around the same time.

    1. Hi Susan! They last really well on me! I've never done a wear test against Tarte but as far as I can estimate they're pretty darn close. :)

  3. I had stopped wearing powder blush completely in favor of Daniel Sandler's Watercolour Blush, which looks and feels like skin. After reading your initial review of the Flower Pots, I decided to buy Sweet Pea. This powder formula is absolutely amazing and looks so natural. I can't wait to try the other colors. Thanks for the review(s). Your recommendations are solid and never disappoint, and your blog has fast become my favorite.

    1. Aw, thank you SO much! It makes me so happy to hear you say that! :) And I've never heard of Daniel Sandler's Watercolor blush but now I need to go and look that up. It sounds awesome!


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