Benefit GALifornia Blush Review & Swatches

benefit GALifornia Blush review
Benefit GALifornia Blush just launched for Spring 2017 and I couldn't wait to review it and share my thoughts with you guys! It's described as a golden pink blush that compliments all skin tones with a sunkissed glow.

I love Benefit Blushes and collect them all, but this one might just be my new favorite, edging out Rockateur by a narrow margin. The weather in New England just warmed up this week and I'm finally in a Spring frame of mind, so this blush was a welcome sight with its beautiful golden sun pattern stamped into the top and funky boho chic packaging. It also has a summery grapefruit vanilla scent that you can smell as soon as you open the box (it disappears once it's on your cheeks).

Price: $29

Where to buy: Sephora, Ulta

benefit GALifornia Blush
Looking at the color in the pan, I was thinking this would be a coral blush, but it's really more of a bright pink that leans a bit toward the coral side. It's unlike anything I have in my collection because most of my coral blushes are more peachy than pink. I also have a lot of peachy-pinks (like Nars Orgasm) and cool-toned pinks, but nothing quite like this!

The golden shimmer on the top is actually an overspray that disappears after the first swipe or two, but the blush still has a slightly golden sheen on the skin. It doesn't appear glittery or shimmery though, it's more of a satin finish.

GALifornia is more pigmented than Benefit's other blushes and shows up easily on my fair skin tone... I actually have to use a light hand and be careful not to overdo it! It's also very silky and buildable so if you have a medium to deep skin tone, you'll be able to wear this as well.
benefit GALifornia Blush swatches

Compared to Benefit's Coralista blush, GALifornia is much brighter and more pink, while Coralista is a light peachy shade.
benefit GALifornia coralista comparison swatches

Overall, I'm in love with GALifornia and I can see it easily becoming one of Benefit's best-selling blushes. It's a gorgeous shade that can be worn by pretty much anyone!

Have you tried GALifornia yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Available now at Sephora and Ulta. It's also available in the Cheek Parade Blush/Bronzer palette, which contains five full sized cheek powders for $58 (a $145 value) at Sephora and Ulta. 


  1. I love Benefit blushes and this looks like a lovely shade to try! 😍

    1. I love them too and it's awesome that they created a shade that's more buildable and can work for deeper skin tones. :)

  2. I need this blush in my life, it's so pretty! On a side note, you have the best photos and swatches out of any blogger I follow. They're like, seriously professional! Do you use a fancy camera and lighting setup?

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! :) Actually, you're going to laugh...I take all of my photos with my cell phone! I have a really nice camera and I love to use it when I'm taking photos outside with my family, they come out great. But when it comes to taking really close-up photos of small objects like makeup, my cell phone works a lot better. I use natural lighting (near a window) also edit them quite a bit to make the background nice and white. :)


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