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Pixi Beauty recently sent me all four of their face mists and I've been testing them out this week, so I thought I would share my first impressions with you! They're all available at Target and are $15 each, which is around the same price as the L'oreal Infallible Setting Spray and just a few dollars more than the Maybelline version. The best part is, these aren't just setting sprays...they actually do a lot more!

Three of them are brand new to me (I've been using the Glow Mist for about a year now) so I was really excited to try the other three and incorporate them into my routine. Here's the breakdown of each formula:

Vitamin Wakeup Mist ($15)- I love using this mist first thing in the morning after I wash my face. It has a really refreshing citrusy orange blossom scent that wakes me right up and the fruit extracts in the formula hydrate and tone my skin. It's so much more convenient to spritz this on instead of applying a traditional toner with a cotton pad, so I've really been enjoying this. I think it would be amazing to use in the summertime as well...I might keep one in the fridge to spritz my face after being out in the heat (or after a workout).

Hydrating Milky Mist ($15)- I was really looking forward to trying this one since I have dry skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and linoleic acid to plump up the skin and add moisture. I've been using it morning and night during my skincare routine. I spray it on after I apply my serums as a light layer of moisture, and then I add my regular moisturizer on top. I've found that it gives my skin an extra boost of hydration and it doesn't start feeling dry again as quickly as it usually does. It has a very light fresh scent that disappears very quickly.

Glow Mist ($15)- I've been using the Glow Mist for quite a while and I love it! I use it throughout the day when my skin starts to feel dehydrated and it makes my skin feel refreshed and less tight, while the oils give it a dewy glow. It contains 21 natural oils plus propolis, aloe vera, and fruit extracts. It's a dual-phase formula so it's important to shake it up well before you spray it or you might get a face full of just oil (or just the base and no oil). I've heard some people say that it makes their face feel sticky but I haven't had that experience at all. My skin is so dry that I think it just drinks this right up and doesn't leave anything sitting on the surface.

Makeup Fixing Mist ($15)- This one is a must if your skin tends to look dry or powdery after applying your foundation/concealer/powder (I know mine does!). It just helps everything to look seamless and prevents makeup from settling into fine lines and pores. Also...if you have dry skin like I do and feel like powder highlighters and blushes just kind of sit there on top of your skin, using this will help them soft of melt in and look more natural. It will also extend the wear of your makeup which is awesome! It contains rose water and green tea so it has a beautiful, refreshing scent (you don't really notice it once it's on your skin though).

Have you tried any of the Pixi Beauty face mists? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

All four formulas are available now at Target stores and Target.com 

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  1. I have also had the Glow Mist for a while and I LOVE it so much! I keep one in my desk drawer at work and use it a few times a day because they crank the heat in there during the winter and it gets very dry. I really want to try the Vitamin Wakeup Mist next, it sounds wonderful!

    1. That's an awesome idea to keep one at work! I used to work in an office like that too...the heat was always blasting in the winter and the A/C was keeping things dry in the summer. Giving your skin a drink every few hours really helps. :)

  2. I love face mists, gonna check these out next time I go to Target. I just found your blog and Instagram through Ms Goldgirl and I am already a fan. You seem to cover all the newest products, which is every beauty addicts dream. Keep it up!

    1. Aw I'm so glad you visited Erin! And I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying my posts. :) I was so surprised when Marnie mentioned me in her favorites video...that was so sweet of her (and the feeling is mutual, I watch her videos every week).


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