IT Cosmetics IT's All About You Customer Favorites Collection

The IT Cosmetics IT's All About You Customer Favorites Collection is now available for presale on (it's official launch is Saturday, March 18th). It features a supersize CC+ Illumination (2.53 oz.), Heavenly Skin CC+ Perfecting Brush, Superhero Elastic Stretch Mascara, and the brand new Je Ne Sais Quoi Rose Lip Treatment, all for $59.94 (or on 3 Easy Pays of $19.98). 

This is an amazing value because the regular 1.08 oz sized CC+ Illumination sells for $38 in stores. Here, you're getting more than double the amount, so right there, the CC Cream would cost well over $70... more than the entire set (you're getting everything else for free, basically). 

Let's take a look!
Since I've already talked about the other three products on my blog in the past, I'll start with the brand new product, which is the Je Ne Sais Quoi Rose Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment. Last year, IT Cosmetics launched their original Lip Treatment in a clear shade, and this is supposed to be the same formula with a rosy tint. Actually I find that the formula on this one feels a little bit least to me. It's more melty and less waxy and makes my lips feel really hydrated with a combination of peptides, butters, oils, and hyaluronic acid. I love the rosy tint it gives my lips too...if you layer it up a little, it can really pack quite a color punch!

The Superhero Elastic Stretch Mascara is one of my favorites because it doesn't clump or smudge underneath my eyes and it gives me lots of length and volume. I also love that it's actually a lash treatment because it contains peptides, proteins, biotin, collagen, and lash-lifting polymers.
Finally, the CC+ Illumination is one of my favorite foundations of all time. It's technically a CC Cream, which makes it go on like a moisturizer, yet it offers medium-to-full coverage which is amazing! Because it's so hydrating, it doesn't cake up, accentuate fine lines or settle into pores, making it ideal for dry or mature skin types.

The Illumination version is only slightly different from the original in that it offers a tiny bit of a glow. It doesn't come off as shimmery in any way but once it's on your face, you notice that it catches the light a little bit more and your skin looks more hydrated and luminous, rather than matte or dull.
The brush that comes with it is also fantastic. IT Cosmetics makes my favorite brushes of all time and I always collect them in these kits because on their own, they retail close to $50!

As far as the shades go, I have both the Fair and Light versions. It doesn't look like it in the photo, but the Fair shade is really too light for me. My face is darker than the underside of my arm and Fair makes me look like a ghost. I would only recommend it if you're really fair. The Light is a little bit too dark for me but once it's blended out, it looks fine. I just make sure to blend it down my neck and it actually warms up my complexion a bit so I don't mind.
Here I am wearing everything in the kit...I went back and forth a few times with the Rose lip treatment and so you can see how it goes from just a sheer wash (on my arm) to a bit more impact. I'm wearing the CC+ in the shade Light, and once blended out it's not too dark for me at all.

Will you be picking up this set? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! :)

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  1. I have always wanted to try IT Cosmetics! This looks like a good try-me kit and is much more cost effective than buying at Sephora or Ulta. I saw this on another blog but they didn't have any swatches or additional photos so I was on the fence about it. Your blog is the one that made me want to buy, so thanks and great job!

    1. Aw thank you so much Carol! I always find swatches to be really helpful when I'm shopping for makeup so I make it a point to always include them. :) This is a great intro to the brand...I think you'll really love it!

  2. If it didn't take me an eternity to finish a foundation, I would be all over this. I only wear it once per week so this would definitely go bad before I could use it all. Such a great value!

    1. It really is! And I totally agree...I still have my tube from last June when they did the supersize. I could see using it all up if you wear the same foundation every day but I like to switch things up and many days I don't even wear it since I'm not going in to work anymore. :)

  3. I kicked myself last time this deal was offered for not jumping on it because shortly after I need to get some more CC cream. I just happened to be channel hopping and caught the demo on QVC today. Placed my order just as several shades were no longer available. Love, love, love the CC cream. I have emptied serveral tubes of it over the past few years. Worth the money and you really do get every last bit from the tube with the pump design.

  4. I bought this set on your recommendation, and I'm thrilled! I haven't tried any of the products in the set, but I'm a hardcore fan of the By By Foundation. This is an incredible value, especially with the first time QVC buyer discount. Love IT Cosmetics, thanks for sharing!


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