Fiona Stiles Beauty 50% Off at Ulta

Fiona Stiles beauty is 50% off at Ulta today, including the Multidimensional Color Palette (above) that I've had my eye on recently. I've had it sitting in my cart for a while and was planning to purchase it during my next haul after hearing countless YouTubers raving about it. Good thing I waited! It's on sale for $19.50 (regularly $39) and the sale ends tomorrow.

The Fiona Stiles line has great reviews and so far I've tried the single blushes (which I love) and the Light Illusion Prism Palette (great if you like a subtle highlight!).

I'm definitely picking this up and possibly her eyeshadow palette too (which has 5 star reviews). What do you think? Will you be hauling anything?

On sale now at

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  1. I purchased the Fiona Stiles Contor pallet several months ago and I really like it. It blends very easily, without much work at all, and looks very natural. I purchased the light shade as I have light skin with neutral to slightly warm undertones. It works very well. On the other hand, I did not have much luck with the luminous finish foundation. It applied beautifully and looked really nice, but it does not last on my skin. Either my skin absorbed it or it melted off, but my foundation looked patchy and uneven after about six hours. The hourglass mineral veil primer usually makes any foundation pretty bulletproof on me, but even that didn't help with this particular foundation. I returned it. I need a foundation that will get me through the workday. I was disappointed, because the shade was perfect for me. I have heard great things about the eyeshadow palette and blushes, but I have too many of both products already.


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