March Favorites Day 6- Shimmer Blushes

Day 5 of my March Favorites is all about shimmer blushes!. Yesterday I covered the matte blushes I reach for most often, and while I tend to favor matte formulas because they don't highlight the texture on my face, I still love the beautiful glow a shimmery blush can give my skin. I feel like it makes me look so much more awake and refreshed, but the trick is to choose formulas that aren't overly shimmery or glittery. Read on for my picks!

Favorite Shimmer Blush (high-end):

Laura Geller Blush 'n ' Brighten ($28)
These baked blushes are the ones I reach for the most when I want a glowy finish. I love everything about them, from the smooth baked formula to the subtle shimmer that doesn't accentuate the pores and lines on my face (I tend to favor these over the Milani baked blushes because these aren't as shimmery).
The shades are also marbleized with multiple colors running through them, which gives a beautiful depth to each shade rather than just being one flat color.
Another great thing about these is that they last forever because you need to use so little when applying them...the two shades I have look like I've barely touched them!  I definitely plan on buying more shades in this range because I'm so happy with them.

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Favorite Shimmer Blush (drugstore):

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush ($2.99)
I've been a big fan of Wet n Wild's blushes for a long time and ever since they revamped their formula and packaging I've been reaching for them even more. They have a super soft, blendable formula that tops anything else at the drugstore in my opinion. I love all of the shades they carry but the Rose Champagne shade is one of my everyday go-to's the perfect nude with a hint of peachy pink. Just like the Laura Geller blushes, these have a very subtle shimmer that's finely milled so they don't appear glittery on my face...they just give a beautiful glow.
What are your favorite shimmery blushes? I'd love to hear about them in the comment section below!

Tomorrow we'll be talking about highlighters! :)


  1. I'm loving your March favorites. Good job.

    1. Yay! I'm so happy you love these posts! :)


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