Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus Brilliant Blonde Review

batiste dry shampoo brilliant blonde review
You probably won't believe this but I've never tried Batiste Dry Shampoo seems like I'm the only one! But I guess that's because I'm fairly new to dry shampoo...until recently, I used to wash my hair every day (every other day at most). I tried a few several years ago when they first started to become popular and was really disappointed in how they made my hair look and feel (powdery and sticky) and I just gave up on them and started washing my hair more often.
But several months ago, I dyed my hair from brown to blonde and the bleaching left my hair really dry and breakage-prone. My stylist suggested I wash my hair less often, so I started researching dry shampoos again.
Last week, I reviewed the new Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam (see that post here) and was disappointed in the outcome, so several people on social media suggested I try Batiste.

I found it at my local Target and was impressed by all the different scents there were to choose from. I had the tropical one in my hand and then I spotted the Brilliant Blonde formula ($6.99) and ended up taking that home instead.
batiste dry shampoo plus brilliant blonde

Brilliant Blonde has a yellow tint to help blend darker roots and cover grays (they also make a brunette version). I found that it did help a little bit...not so much to the point where my roots disappeared but there was definitely less contrast than before.

The thing that impressed me the most was the's lightweight, almost like you're using a hairspray and it dried almost immediately with no sticky or powdery feel. It just disappeared right into my hair.

I forgot to take a "before" photo but if you saw my Ouai post from last week, you're familiar with how flat and limp my hair looks on days 2 and 3.

I took this photo on Tuesday morning of this week right after I woke up (I had previously washed my hair Sunday morning) and after using the Batiste, my hair looked clean, fresh, and voluminous rather than flat and oily. It lasted throughout the entire day right up until I went to bed and my hair never became limp or oily-looking.
3rd day hair (and no makeup, haha!)

Overall, I'm in love with Batiste and will definitely be heading back to Target to grab a few more scents. I love being able to extend my blowout an extra day...I think it'll make a huge difference in the health of my hair.

If you haven't had good luck with dry shampoos, try Batiste...I'm sure you'll love it!

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  1. Yeah! So glad you tried it! I commented on your Ouai post. If you love the blonde one, you will LOVE the Tropical scent. You can literally smell coconut all day. FYI, this also works great after you've styled your hair. Lift hair in sections and spray this at the roots. Soooo much more volume that way without using a heavy or greasy product!


  2. I have dark, thick (wavy if I don't blow it out) hair. If I use dry shampoo on day 2, I can get 3 or more days out of one wash (esp helpful if I got a blow out). I want to...but I just can't with Batiste. LOL I know...I know...everyone uses it. I've tried, and I just can't stand the way their dry shampoos smell, and they tend to make my hair feel greasy...of all things. The only one that I will use in a pinch (ie when traveling and I need travel size) is the one for colored hair (Hint of Color Brunette)...all the other ones and all the 'scents'...yeah. No can do. I'm not one for heavily scented products though. I used to use the Oscar Blondi Pronto Invisible Dry well as their Texture and Volume Spray, which I loved, but they no longer sell it at the major retailers (used to get SUCH great deals on it at So it may have been discontinued? I started using the Dove Refresh Dry Shampoo and I love it! It's cheap, it works great for me, and isn't heavily scented. The only problem is that the Dove one doesn't come in a travel size (yet?).


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