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Happy Friday everybody! I'm back with another Friday Faves, highlighting some of the products I've been loving and using a ton recently.

Let's take a look!

1. Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter in Peach Kiss ($9)- I did a full review on this earlier in the week (see that post here) but I'm continually impressed by how smooth and gorgeous this highlighter is. It's high-end quality at a fraction of the price. Available at

2. Smith & Cult Nailed Lacquer in Bitter Buddhist ($18)- This is one of my favorite shades from this brand (which was created by Hard Candy founder Dineh Mohajer). It's an opaque celadon green and it's my go-to nail polish this time of year when I want something lighter but not quite a Spring pastel yet. Also the formula covers really well without streaks and is very long-lasting. Available at Saks Fifth Ave, Blue Mercury, and Neiman Marcus.

3. Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Moisture Quenching Bi-Phase Serum ($59)- When I first got this product to review, I had no idea what it was going to do for me, but it has since become a necessary part of my skincare routine. In fact, I actually notice when I don't use it because this takes my ultra-dry skin and forces it to act normal again. It feels water-light, sinks in right away and is meant to go on immediately after cleansing (before any other serums or creams). When I use this, I have no problems with my foundation caking or clinging to dry patches and my skin glows with health. If I skip a day, I'm right back to looking dull and flaky, even when I'm using heavy moisturizers. It's a total must-have for me! Available at Sephora , Ulta and ClarinsUSA (on sale, 15% off no code needed).

4. Clarins 4 Color All-in-1 Pen ($30)- Not only does this pen remind me of those multi-colored ballpoint pens I had in middle school, it's a genius makeup idea. It holds three creamy eyeliners (black, brown, and blue) that don't skip and are long-lasting, and one nude-pink lip liner. It's the perfect thing to carry in your makeup bag in your purse or to take on vacation.  It's also adorable, so there's that! I swatched it this week over on my Instagram page (see that post here). Available now at (on sale, 15% off no code needed- you'll see the discount in your cart).

5. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Serum ($58)- I've been using this serum for a few weeks now and although it's too soon to say if it minimizes wrinkles permanently, it definitely makes my skin look smoother and younger as soon as I put it on. It's a thicker, almost creamy serum that seems to have a blurring effect on my skin so I love wearing it during the day under makeup. It contains peptides, collagen, and hyaluronic acid so I'm hoping to see long-term results over time! Available exclusively at Sephora

6. Anna Sui Sui Dreams Eau de Toilette ($38)- This was my signature scent back around 2000-2001 when it launched and then it was discontinued...I was so bummed! My sister hoarded several bottles and has been wearing it over the years, causing me to wish for it to come back every time I smelled it on her. Finally, it's been re-released at and it's just as wonderful as I remember. I don't usually like to do perfume reviews because it's such a personal thing...what smells great to some people might give others a headache. But I'll try to describe it as best I can! It's a sweet, warm, skin scent that wears very close to the body (you can smell it when someone hugs you but not from across the room). It's a little bit powdery but not a "floral powdery" type of's unlike anything else on the market which is a welcome change from all the fruity-florals that start to smell alike. The notes are nectarine, peach, orange, bergamot, freesia, Tahitian vanilla, and nutmeg. "Dreams" is such a perfect description for this scent because it's a very comforting, sleepy fragrance...I love to wear it to bed. Also, the purse bottle and blue color of the fragrance is so gorgeous! Available at

Those are my faves for this week...what are some products you've been loving these days?

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  1. Sui Dreams! NO WAY!! I wore that perfume in high school and was completely obsessed with it. I need to get it again just to see if it is as good as I'm remembering. At the very least it will take me back to high school.


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